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Here is an overview about all articles to OneDrive for Business, OneDrive and the Next Generation Sync Client, I have written in English language

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06/06/22OneDrive Group Policies Part 1Link
05/31/22The CBfO knows all OneDrive VersionsLink
04/18/22OneDrive Sync ReportsLink
03/28/22OneDrive Insider Version 22.045 and 22.055Link
03/27/22The OneDrive FlyOut MenueLink
03/07/22Move shortcuts to OneDriveLink
02/21/22Windows 11 and a OneDrive buttonLink
02/16/22Folder Backup in OneDriveLink
02/02/22OneDrive in the notification barLink
01/27/22Microsoft MVPs show off Community Bot for OneDriveLink
01/24/22New OneDrive version 22.007.0109.0002Link
01/03/22Wish List for OneDrive 2022Link
12/26/212021 RecapLink
12/22/21Office or OneDrive problemLink
12/07/21OneDrive Insider Version 21.245.1128.0001Link
11/10/21Support end for OneDrive on WindowsLink
10/21/21OneDrive – actual version 21.210.1010.0001Link
10/04/21Bot in Teams-different views-all wrongLink
09/26/21Community Bot for OneDrive– the WebChat VersionLink
09/17/21OneDrive Issue for MAC users updated to macOS 11.6Link
09/16/21Admin-Center: OneDrive Storage BugLink
09/06/21aMS Southeast Asia 2021Link
08/31/21OneDrive – 64 Bit final VersionLink
08/18/21OneDrive – Group Policy SeriesLink
08/12/21OneDrive: Sharing experience – „Shared with“Link
08/10/21OneDrive on macOS < 10.14 no longer supportedLink
07/30/21Optimizing SharePoint performance in Microsoft 365Link
07/20/21OneDrive Sharing – RestrictionsLink
07/19/21OneDrive– system requirements from 08/20/21Link
07/16/21OneDrive admin settings are movingLink
07/12/21Community Bot for OneDrive – The GIN StoryLink
07/06/21Community Bot for OneDrive | DatenbaseLink
07/03/21MVP Award–9 times in a rowLink
06/18/21OneDrive | new Group Policy in 21.109.0530.0001Link
06/17/21OneDrive versionsLink
06/07/21Field report with OneDrive Sync Admin ReportsLink
05/31/21OneDrive | new Version 21.099.0516.0003Link
05/05/21OneDrive Sync Admin ReportLink
04/17/21OneDrive | new Version 64 Bit and 32 BitLink
04/14/21Microsoft Teams: Community Bot for OneDrive releasedLink
04/11/21OneDrive now in 64 Bit (Preview)Link
03/30/21Zip file partial downloads no longer availableLink
03/09/21new OneDrive group policy| WebProxy logicLink
03/08/21OneDrive: All Windows Versions now from 2021Link
03/08/21Collabdays Bremen 2021Link
02/26/21Add to OneDrive | Disable Add Shortcuts to OneDriveLink
02/21/21Community Rocks | Mr.OneDrive Tour dates 2021Link
02/15/21Five steps from „Classic Sync“ to „Add to OneDrive“Link
02/08/21OneDrive: Differences in synchronizationLink
02/01/21OneDrive: new Version and new Group PoliciesLink
01/22/21OneDrive: First new Version in 2021 – erste neue Version in 2021Link
01/08/21Three conferences on three continents within four daysLink
01/06/21OneDrive 64 Bit – 20.249.1210.0001 – Do NOT installLink
12/28/20Microsoft 365 Friday California 2021Link
12/14/20OneDrive: Neue Versionen verfügbar – New Versions availableLink
12/11/20Modern Workplace Conference, Paris 2021 (online)Link
12/09/20Add To OneDrive – the next stepLink
12/03/20OneDrive | Add to OneDrive global availableLink
11/23/20OneDrive | Update: Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploadedLink
11/20/20OneDrive Basics 09Link
11/18/20OneDrive | Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploadedLink
11/15/20aMS Germany – Online Event in DeutschlandLink
11/12/20World-Online-Community-Tour with Mr.OneDriveLink
10/24/20OneDrive: Neue Versionen verfügbar – New Versions availableLink
10/07/20OneDrive for Business: Shared with Me – Error messageLink
10/07/20OneDrive for Business – Add to OneDrive | ProblemsLink
09/28/20Same day: 2 performances – 2 continents – 2 cities | OneDriveLink
09/23/20TechTalk Wednesday with KazeemLink
09/16/20OneDrive Basics 08Link
09/11/20OneDrive Basics 07Link
09/04/20Mr.OneDrive is back | World–Online-Community-TourLink
09/04/20Virtual M365 Saturday OttawaLink
09/02/20OneDrive – new Version 20.154.0802.0003 | Group PolicyLink
08/31/20ESPC20 – Learn from HomeLink
08/19/20New experiences with file exchange in TeamsLink
08/18/20OneDrive for Business | Storage change in Admin CenterLink
08/18/20OneDrive – new VersionsLink
08/17/20OneDrive Basics 06Link
08/17/20M365 Saturday Saskatchewan 2020 – Virtual EventLink
08/10/20OneDrive Basics 05Link
08/03/20OneDrive Basics 04Link
08/01/20New OneDrive Insider Version: Mirror bugLink
07/30/20OneDrive Basics 03Link
07/27/20OneDrive for Business | new navigation in Shared LibrariesLink
07/22/20OneDrive Basics 02Link
07/20/20OneDrive Basics 01Link
07/17/20OneDrive Personal – Fetch FilesLink
07/06/20OneDrive | Sync Admin ReportLink
07/03/20OneDrive for Business – Add Shortcut to my filesLink
07/01/20MVP Award – 8 times in a rowLink
06/29/204 MVP’s talking about tech Insides of Mr. OneDrive BOTLink
06/13/20Office and OneDrive | Save and ShareLink
06/02/20OneDrive for Business: File Upload Size 100 GB availableLink
05/30/20New OneDrive Insider version 20.084.0426.0006 availableLink
05/04/20OneDrive | Group Policy Change: Allow syncing OneDrive accountsLink
04/27/20OneDrive news about Version 20.052.0311.0010Link
04/09/20Version history inside File explorerLink
04/06/20SPS Warshaw | All recorded SAessions from first Online eventLink
03/29/20OneDrive | Sync Shared with me filesLink
03/21/20OneDrive | Where are my prgram files stored?Link
03/09/20OneDrive for Business | Restore is not RestoreLink
03/09/20New feature: OneDrive Sync Version HistoryLink
03/02/20Register the Mr.OneDrive’s BOT PreviewLink
03/02/20SharePoint Saturday Bremen – RecapLink
03/02/20The next step – my personal BOTLink
02/20/20UserVoice: Save and Restore current OneDrive configurationLink
02/15/20OneDrive Issues with Windows 10 Insider 19564.1005Link
02/07/20European Collaboration Summit 2020Link
02/05/20Collab365 GlobalCon1| 2nd–6th of March – OnlineLink
02/04/20SharePoint & Office 365 Saturday Warsaw 2020Link
01/24/20OneDrive for Business | Request filesLink
01/20/20OneDrive for Business – StorageLink
01/15/20Mr.OneDrive’s BOT – the fight with MarkDownLink
01/15/20The OneDrive Device ID   Link
01/14/20OneDrive | Personal Vault Inactivity LockLink
12/16/19The Year 2019 – some highlightsLink
12/16/19MVP Coffee cupLink
12/13/19Last Conference | Modern Workplace Conference 2019 ParisLink
12/13/19OneDrive Quiz | Frage #02 – Question #2Link
12/08/19Microsoft Ignite 2019 & European SharePoint Conference 2019Link
11/28/19OneDrive Quiz | Answer #01Link
11/26/19OneDrive Quiz | Frage #01 – Question #1Link
11/01/19Microsoft Ignite The Tour | first stop ParisLink
10/18/19OneDrive | Personal vault – technik and questionsLink
10/15/19I’m speaking at #ESPC19!Link
10/10/19MSIgnite 2019 – I speak at Orlando about OneDriveLink
08/26/19OneDrive: new Group Policies and Definitions 19.152.0801.0004Link
08/20/19OneDrive | Storage Sense (with group Policies)Link
08/05/19OneDrive | ‘Status-Bug’Link
08/04/19OneDrive | new version available 19.126.0627.0002Link
07/23/19OneDrive | Invalid file names and file types, Restrictions and LimitsLink
07/22/19Fix OneDrive sync problemsLink
07/03/19OneDrive GPO: Require users to confirm large delete operationsLink
07/01/19MVP Award 2019-2020Link
06/23/19OneDrive for Business | Next Generation Sync Client (all Versions)Link
06/18/19OneDrive: new Group Policies and Definitions 19.103.0527.0002Link
06/17/19OneDrive | Synchronize–IssuesLink
05/24/19No Update to Windows 10 1903, if KFM is installedLink
05/23/19European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference at PragueLink
05/23/19SharePoint Top 25 Influencers 2019Link
05/02/19SharePoint: Restore of files from document librariesLink
04/20/19OneDrive: new Symbols in Version 19.074.0416.0001Link
04/15/19aOS Session: Intelligent acceleration of daily work with OneDriveLink
04/04/19OneDrive | Update for GPO team site libraries to sync automaticallyLink
03/27/19OneDrive | GPO: Configure team site libraries to sync automaticallyLink
03/25/19OneDrive | Install the sync client per machine (Preview)Link
03/24/19MVP Summit 2019 – RecapLink
03/06/19OneDrive | Settings or Group PoliciesLink
03/04/19Next Generation Sync Client | new version 19.022.0203.0005Link
03/01/19OneDrive | File-Explorer and Move To OneDriveLink
02/13/19OneDrive for Business | The Synchronization DiagramLink
02/11/19OneDrive: New Group Policies and definitions 19.002.0107.0008Link
01/26/19European Collaboration Summit 2019Link
01/21/19OneDrive-Bug: Unable to Delete, if Sync Client is in Pause ModusLink
01/21/19MSIgnite | The Tour: Mr.OneDrive reist nach HongkongLink
01/06/19OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac Mojave releasedLink
12/31/18OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.240.1202.0003Link
12/11/18OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.235.1125.0006Link
12/03/18Office | “Recent” lists and OneDriveLink
11/28/18European SharePoint Influencers – voted to #4Link
11/19/18manual Download Groove.exe StandaloneLink
11/10/18OneDrive learns Dark Mode | 18.212.1021.0007Link
08/27/18SharePoint Saturday New England 2018 | 10/20/2018Link
08/20/18OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.151.0729.0005Link
08/19/18OneDrive | Vacation ModeLink
08/08/18Microsoft Podcast | Ready Player OneDriveLink
07/04/18OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.116.0610.0002Link
06/11/18OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.101.0520.0002Link
06/11/18OneDrive for Business | June-Update (Groove.exe)Link
06/06/18OneDrive: Jason Moore und Stephen L RoseLink
06/02/18OneDrive | automatic sync interruption new version 18.095.0510.0001Link
05/10/18Next Generation Sync Client | Insider Version 18.080.0419.0003 publ.Link
03/22/18Next Generation Sync Client – New Insider Version 18.044.0301.0005Link
03/11/18Next Generation Sync Client – 18.025.0204.0009 publishedLink
02/17/18Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive jumps 18 (18.025.0204.0003)Link
01/29/18Next Generation Sync Client | 17.005.0107.0004 is publishedLink
01/11/18OneDrive Files On-Demand | Office 2016 and Copy (Move)Link
01/06/18The Story about OneDrive – Files on demand: Your Files, Your wayLink
01/05/18Next Generation Sync Client | Version 17.3.7290.1212 (engl.)Link
12/27/17OneDrive Icons in Explorer-View with Windows 10 1709 Build 17063>Link
12/20/17OneDrive (for) Business | Wishlist for 2018Link
12/06/17Next Generation Sync Client–Version 17.3.7131.1115 releasedLink
10/31/17Brasilien ruft – Brazil calling – Brasil está chamandoLink
10/18/17OneDrive Files on Demand | Version 17.3.7073.1013Link
09/21/17OneDrive for Business | new version 17.3.7010.0912 publishedLink
09/18/17OneDrive for Business | News and new version 17.3.6998.0830Link
08/30/17Live Show #14 with the Microsoft Product TeamLink
08/11/17OneDrive for Business | Version 17.3.6963.0807 publishedLink
08/06/17SharePoint Saturday Vienna 2017 | 11.11.2017Link
07/27/17OneDrive for Business | Version 17.3.6955.0712 publishedLink
07/14/17Global Conference 2017 – 1st /2nd of November 2017Link
07/14/17OneDrive for Business – which Version of the NGSC do I use?Link
06/23/17Office 365 Engage | Haarlem | Netherlands | Short RecapLink
06/21/17Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive Files On-Demand engl.Link
06/06/17OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6915.0529Link
06/02/17European Collaboration Summit 2017 – RecapLink
05/12/17OneDrive Files On-Demand (the new smart files)Link
05/04/17I’m speaking at the ESPC 2017 in DublinLink
04/20/17Microsoft OneDrive Expert or MODELink
04/18/17Next Generation Sync Client | Sync now with # and % in filenameLink
04/10/17OneDrive for Business | new version 17.3.6799.0327Link
03/25/17Next Generation Sync Client | Registry key vs Admin-CenterLink
03/17/17OneDrive for Business | local Sync with Microsoft TeamsLink
03/17/17OneDrive for Business | March-UpdateLink
03/01/17Next Generation Sync Client: Software boundaries and limitsLink
02/25/17OneDrive for Business | Support for # and % in filenamesLink
02/17/17OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6798.0207Link
01/30/17SharePoint Online | Download multiple FilesLink
01/25/17OneDrive for Business | Updating File Management | MoveLink
12/29/16OneDrive (for Business) | Wish list for 2017Link
12/26/16OneDrive for Business | Local Sync of ‘Shared with me’ filesLink
12/22/16OneDrive for Business | news at the end of the year – NGSCLink
12/19/16OneDrive for Business | new Version 17.3.6743.1212Link
12/07/16Next Generation Sync Client | new version 17.3.6705.1122Link
12/07/16OneDrive for Business | December-UpdateLink
11/28/16OneDrive for Business | Next Generation Sync Client (all Versions)Link
11/25/16OneDrive for Business | November-Update (Groove.exe)Link
11/06/16Next Generation Snyc Cient | new PreView Version 17.3.6674.1021Link

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