OneDrive – Group Policy Series

OneDrive - Group Policies


This is the first blog post that appears here now. The first, of more. On the topic of OneDrive and group policies. The background is that I find in my OneDrive workshops that the knowledge of these group policies should be refreshed in many administrators. However, I will limit myself to how group policies work. I will not describe programs that can be used to roll out these group policies such as System Center Configuration Manager, Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

For the description of the group policy, I will only use the local group policy editor, for the links the original description of the group policy from Of course, not only the group policies are described, but a lot of information around the implantation and empirical values.

All OneDrive group policies
These are almost all group policies that currently exist for OneDrive / OneDrive for Business / Synchronization for settings and actions.


The GPO blog posts will appear in two languages: English and German. If you don’t want to miss any of the blog posts, next to each published post on the right side you will find the option to receive all new posts by email

and now it’s time to wait ….

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