OneDrive | Personal vault – technik and questions

OneDrive - Personal vault

OneDrive (for consumer) or OneDrive (staff) does not cost anything. You can store a lot of data in the cloud (Azure Blob Storage) before being asked to pay by Microsoft. And exactly for this client Microsoft has come up with something new. The personal safe. In addition you will find enough information from Microsoft and many others on the internet. This vault is used to store personal documents such as passport, ID card, birth certificate, etc. In a safe place. With additional security key. Funny only if you have 3 documents stashed in the vault, he reports, the vault is full. I have to buy an Office 365 version. Wait, I have an E3 plan. No, friends, that’s too much of a good thing. You have to buy the smallest variant, for the family. Or the micro-entrepreneur. So Microsoft, if this is again an action of the marketing department, well then without me.

Maybe you just want to wait and see if there are problems. The personal vault and protection requires another place to save the program (OneDrive.exe)

Microsoft has gone a different way with the development of the Next Generation Sync Client at the location, which is not Windows compliant with many things. Program and data are in the user directory:


Configuration and data storage

and in the business environment there are some scenarios that are not optimal. Example complacent?

In the radiology department, 4 medical assistants and 2 doctors share a PC. OneDrive will be installed here 6x. That would not be a disaster in itself, but we remember. Once a day, the program will check to see if Microsoft has released a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. If so, the program will be downloaded from the internet and installed. So far so good. If it were not for the problem that is done to every user. And a complete installation in all languages ​​takes away at least 300 MB of space. 6x 300 MB must first be downloaded from the Microsoft servers. So it was at Microsoft on the idea to separate the whole. Device installation is the magic word. And that’s exactly what makes problems in certain environments.

Exactly but this type of installation is used when activating the personal safe. Fully automatic. You do not need to do anything. And after the work is done, it looks like this:

Programs are now under

C:\Program Files x86\Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Program: Storage location

and the data or configuration as usual under


OneDrive Configuration and Data: Storage location

Here are the configuration data, logs and other settings.

Nice, makes sense. Is not Microsoft sure if that works well in the enterprise environment (where OneDrive Personal has not yet been tanned)? Because many customers lock the synchronization of OneDrive Personal, because the administration can not control OneDrive Personal through group policies. This is about security. So in the near future, will we see a personal vault in OneDrive for Business? Or is there a way for the business environment at OneDrive to control this data?

Vault data in OneDrive for Business

I do not believe in that. because these are my "personal" data. What happens if I change the company? Who is thinking about backing up his vault data?

OneDrive staff

Maybe this will allow you to configure this area (vault) in cloud storage so that only the vault remains.


What also Microsoft plans here, the limit with the 3 files will cause quite a few to get a Office365 package "private". And only with 3 files does the vault make no sense. Or what do you think?

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