Admin-Center: OneDrive Storage Bug

OneDrive Storage Bug
in a blog post from 2020 I wrote about the available OneDrive for Business storage. Because Microsoft had a major issue with OneDrive for Business at the end of August (OD280960), I tried to reduce my OneDrive storage manually using the option available in the Admin Center. In my Office 365 tenant (E3 Plan), the OneDrive for Business quota is set to 2048 GB for all users. For me as a user I have additionally set another 2048 GB, so 4096 GB. I now wanted to reduce this storage to 3072 GB.

Display of OneDrive storage This is the initial state. After that I have entered the new capacity 3072 GB
Error message after reducing the memory in the Admin Center After saving this error message occurs

I opened a ticket with Microsoft and the error was confirmed. The only workaround is to use Powershell, which was described in Microsoft’s documentation.

[Update 12/31/2021]
Microsoft doesn’t seem to care at all if there is a bug in the admin center interface or not. Even after 3.5 months the bug was not fixed.

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