new OneDrive group policy| WebProxy logic


The computer policy is called Cause sync client to ignore normal web proxy detection logic, the version can be found in the admx/adml file shipped with OneDrive version 21.036.0221.0001.

Microsoft has not yet added a description in the documentation. But this will change shortly

Now you could say, I always install the English versions, but for all admimnistrators who struggle with English, it’s easier to install the German verision on the Windows 10 client.
Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. to compare the two languages. I’ve pointed out translation errors and other mistakes in the documentation in the past. And currently (08.03.21) there are also only two languages that are up to snuff as far as OneDrive group policies are concerned, the US version and the German version. But that also took some work.

So if you want to try a OneDrive group policy on your German computer first, you have the German name, but it can’t be translated 1:1. However, each group policy has a description with the adml file, which you can also open with an editor, look for the German description. When the correct one is found, look up what the associated string ID is, and with that then read additional explanation in the English description in the documentation.


Cause sync client to ignore normal web proxy detection logic.

The corresponding string ID is called: IgnoreWebProxy, and it is the same in all languages.

In the english and german version the versions are now sorted by the string ID
Compare english and german, scroll down a bit.

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