OneDrive: new Version and new Group Policies

OneDrive Version 21.002.0104.0004 neue GruppenrichtlinienOneDrive Version 21.002.0104.0004 new Group Policies

The time over the turn of the year is over. This is also noticeable in the versions that have been made available in the different rings for the OneDrive Sync Client (OneDrive.exe).

First of all, there is version 21.002.0104.0004 in the production ring on January 25, 2020, which could previously be tested in the Insiders ring. Now we also learn what awaits the user with this version:

Bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of the client.

New features gradually rolling out to users:

  • Users will see a dialog teaching them about deleted content being moved to their OneDrive Recycle Bin after a delete.
  • When users try to open a “.fluid” file in File Explorer, the file will open in the browser.
  • Admins now can force override the user’s preferred language when provisioning new folders during KFM, using a new policy available in this build.

new Group Policies

Always use user’s Windows display language when provisioning know folders in OneDrive is the name of a new Group Policy

OneDrive GPO: Always use user’s Windows display language when provisioning know folders in OneDrive

This is available both as a computer and user configuration and allows to override the preferred language chosen by the user.

Already a few days old, but not yet mentioned by me, is the computer group policy Hide the “deleted files are removed everywhere” reminder

OneDrive GPO: Hide the “deleted files are removed everywhere” reminder

The user gets the message whenever he removes locally synchronized files in Windows Explorer. If the files are from a synchronized team website, the message is „Deleted files will be removed for everone“.

The user can stop this reminder after the first occurrence. And this is exactly what the policy can do in general. So if all your users know what you are doing, then enable this policy.

Here is the link to the Microsoft documentation

new Insiders version

Over the weekend I received a new OneDrive version for the Insiders ring, about which it is not yet, knows what you contain new: Version 21.011.0117.0001.

As usual, Microsoft does not provide more information here.

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