The newest OneDrive Version

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INS Insider Ring
PRO Production Ring
DEF Deferred Ring

Microsoft keeps up the pace. Twice a week, a new OneDrive version reached us in the Insider Ring last month. And also in the production ring there are four versions per month.

Actual we have 23.101.0514.0001 in the Insider Ring and 23.093.0502.0001in the Production Ring.
If you are not on the newest Version (You find that in the OneDrive Settings), you do not need to do anything. Each day once your device is looking for a new version, but in order not to overload the servers at Microsoft, this is distributed over a week in a sophisticated system. The same applies to your organization, because the downlaod is about 300 MB for Windows. Even if you use the same Internet access with your colleague, there may be different versions.

This page contains all versions since the last update.

[Update 5/18/23] [Update 5/16/23] [Update 5/12/23] [Update 5/10/23] [Update 5/09/23] [Update 5/06/23]

Insider VersionProduktion Version
23.076.0409.0001 04/16
23.078.0411.0001 04/19
23.081.0416.0001 04/21
23.083.0418.0001 04/23
23.086.0423.0001 04/25
23.087.0424.0001 05/02
23.091.0430.0001 05/05
23.093.0502.0001 05/09
23.096.0507.0001 05/12
23.098.0509.0001 05/16
23.101.0514.0001 05/18
23.061.0319.0003 04/06
23.066.0326.0005 04/13
23.071.0402.0001 04/21
23.076.0409.0001 04/26
23.081.0416.0001 05/05
23.086.0423.0001 05/10
23.093.0502.0001 05/12

You can download all OneDrive versions here for testing.
The table includes Versions for

  • Windows 32 Bit
  • Windows 64 Bit
  • Windows ARM
  • Apple MAC Intel
  • Apple MAC Silicon

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