OneDrive | Synchronize–Issues

Sync Client Reset

Do you have issues with the synchronization of OneDrive files?
in Windows Explorer you see files, that will never end to synchronize?

So there are more than one possibilities to fix the it. There is an easy part to fix that with an OneDrive Reset

I have had some issues on a Windows device. During the start Sync is done, but during normal operations no sync is done with this tenant, (I have synced files with two different tenants on this device and the other tenant works well. I have to fix it.

Looking inside that not normal syncing tenant I found such:




OneDrive for Business



SharePoint doc libraries






Because I use ‘files on demand’ not all of the above files will be synced. Most of the files are Cloud Only.  But the structure, folder names and filenames must be synced. So some information will be in a cache, and this should be cleaned too.

Call the Execute app

So you have to enter “RUN” in the search Windows on the left corner and Press Enter. Then you should copy the next line into the Run window:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Execute an Order

First, the Next Generation Sync client (OneDrive.exe) will be stopped. After that, a REST will be executed. All different Sources (OneDrive for Business, OneDrive Personal and all different synchronized document libraries are reconciled. This may take a few minutes. If nothing happened, you should Restart your OneDrive Client manually:


But if you have such an amount of data, it takes a while. And of course, it depends of Internet bandwidth and Speed of your device.

Give your device a chance….

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