OneDrive | new Version 21.099.0516.0003

new OneDrive Versions
Something has happened again with the group policies. With the Insider version 21.099.0516.0003 on Friday, 05/29/21  a new group policy object was added. I also have to add something here:

On 5/18/21 this version was released to the production ring

This version was a prerequisite for the preview of the OneDrive synchronization reports.
For this, there was also a new group policy called Synch Admin Reports (Computer Policy).
I have already written a blog post about this.
OneDrive Group Policy: Sync Admin Reports

However, the performance of the Sync Admin Reports messages was poor. That’s why Microsoft added version 21.083.0425.0001.
The performance has improved, but for me it is still bad.

There is now a new policy for the user called Disable animation that appears during OneDrive setup.
OneDrive Group Policy: Disable animation that appears during OneDrive setup

Microsoft has announced another innovation. On the central page with the different OneDrive versions from the Insider, Production Ring and Delayed Ring rings and the Windows, Mac Android and iOS operating systems, Insider versions will no longer be published as of 5/24/2021.

I keep a similar list, which also includes a download section of the different versions, and that in both 32 bit and 64 bit.
The download area is at the end of the list.

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