The newest OneDrive Version

The newst OneDrive Versions for Windows, Apple MAc, iPhone and Android

Microsoft keeps up the pace. Twice a week, a new OneDrive version reached us in the Insider Ring last month. And also in the production ring there are 4 versions per month.

I asked, and was told by the OneDrive product group that they want to respond more quickly to issues:

As far as releases are concerned, you are right that we have become faster. Our goal is to get bug fixes, feature improvements and new functionality to customers as quickly as possible.

However, I and the Enterprise customers in the Deferred Ring had to experience that there were also errors. There, an error that occurred in the Insider ring was corrected and then delivered error-free in the Production ring. Unfortunately, the Deferred Ring was not corrected.

Since I’m heading to Seattle on 4/16/2013 to then attend the MVP Summit at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, I’m also taking the opportunity to address the exact same issue with the OneDrive product group. Because at this rate, there is almost no time for a tester to react to bugs as long as we don’t get any information about what has changed or is newly included.

This page contains all versions since the last update.

[Update 06/05] [Update 05/02] [Update 04/26] [Update 04/19] [Update 04/16] [Update 04/10]

Insider VersionProduktion Version
23.050.0305.0002 03/14
23.054.0313.0001 03/17
23.056.0314.0001 03/20
23.061.0319.0001 03/25
23.063.0321.0001 03/28
23.066.0326.0001 03/30
23.066.0326.0005 04/01
23.068.0328.0003 04/04
23.071.0402.0001 04/07
23.073.0404.0001 04/10
23.076.0409.0001 04/16
23.078.0411.0001 04/19
23.081.0416.0001 04/21
23.083.0418.0001 04/23
23.086.0423.0001 04/25
23.087.0424.0001 05/02
23.091.0430.0001 05/05
23.043.0226.0001 03/12
23.048.0305.0002 03/22
23.054.0313.0001 03/30
23.061.0319.0003 04/06
23.066.0326.0005 04/13
23.071.0402.0001 04/21
23.076.0409.0001 04/26
23.081.0416.0001 05/05

You can download all versions here for testing.

one more little thing that came to my mind. The new properties adapted to Windows 11 are on their way.

For example, OneDrive for Business now also displays group policies that may have been activated by the administrator: Example

Files on Demand group policy not nabled:

Settings: Display files on demand

As you can see, with a click of a button, the user can choose whether to create space in general or to keep all files locally.

Files on Demand group policy enabled:

Settings files on demand with hint

The user gets a hint why the button is grayed out, so he cannot download all files. Because the group policy was made by IT.

One last error was reported a few days ago, but it is still open:

Scenario: The IT department allows OneDrive Personal to be installed on the business devices as well. In order not to exhaust the disk capacity, the Files on Demand group policy has been enabled.This group policy is a computer policy.

And now when I look at the same setting as above from the OneDrive Personal properties….

Settings in OneDrive Personal: with set group policy OneDrive Files on demand

… the user can still download all files.

In my workshops, I generally recommend not allowing OneDrive Personal on business devices because it opens loopholes for users that the administration has no control over!

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