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Request Files: OneDrive for Business

Request files only works with OneDrive for Business. Not in OneDrive (Personal). Not for various SharePoint Online document libraries. I asked Microsoft about it, and there are plans to make it available for SharePoint libraries as well. Unfortunately there is no point in time when we can count on it. Maybe you want to see how often this function is used.

But why is it going here at all?

I can easily ask one or more people to send me files about an operation. Since the initiation happens from the web browser interface, I don’t even have to bother my email client. The recipient (s) will then receive an email and then have the option of uploading files. the recipient has no access to my OneDrive for Business. But I don’t have to look it up either because I get a message when the recipient has uploaded files.

Each person you invite can upload one or more files. The recipient of the invitation does not need to have an Office365 or OneDrive for Business.

What access is it in my tenant

The access is entered as a guest contributor in my OneDrive and corresponds to an anonymous link, which is only suitable for an upload. However, this means that external access must be allowed. Furthermore, we do not need to worry, the link will be closed automatically when the time specified by the administrator has expired. I as the inviter have no influence on this, I can only reduce the time to the extent that the administrator has given me. The limit is currently 730 days, which corresponds to 2 years. While I can reduce the days given by the administrator for anonymous links, this is as described above, when requesting files it is not possible directly, can only be reduced after sending. (see options)

Can I forward the link?

Yes, since it is an anonymous link, the recipient also has access and can also upload files.

Are there restrictions on the upload?

Not with the file names, because the original file receives a prefix with first name_ last name, so “8.png” becomes “Sabrina_Versuch_8.png”. Since the user does not see what he uploaded in a previous session, the problem naturally arises when a file is uploaded a second time. The original, already uploaded file is not overwritten, but is supplemented by a numerical extension in the file name.

Otherwise the same restrictions apply, e.g. The 15 GB size limit is still in effect, which will eventually increase to the 100 GB that was announced at Ignite 2019 in Orlando.

Steps for those who want to send the invitation


Invitation: step by step

Switch to the browser and call OneDrive (for Business).

  • Select a folder of your choice
  • Click Request Files
  • To distinguish different invitations, enter a description
  • Click on Continue
  • Now you can copy the invitation link OR
  • enter one or more email addresses.
  • Additional text helps participants to read the mail as to what needs to be done.
  • By clicking on Done, the invitation email will be sent.

Optional: change the link validity period

During the invitation process I have no influence on the validity of the invitation and the upload process. I can do this immediately after shipping.

Basically, the administrator has the option to set a restriction for anonymous links for the entire tenant, from when a link loses its validity. The maximum time is currently 730 days. While I can reduce the days given by the administrator for anonymous links, and that when generating a link, Microsoft has forgotten this step for the request link, or they wanted to make the process as easy as possible.

Change Date

Steps to change the date

  • Select the folder
  • Click on Detail: [I] in the top right
  • Click on “Manage access”
  • Click on the 3 dots behind the link for upload
  • The upload link moves up
  • Click on the date
  • Change the date
  • Click on Save
  • Confirm the POP Up window


Steps for whoever receives the invitation


Receiver: step by step

  • You will receive an invitation email
  • Click Choose Files.
  • If you are not logged in, two additional fields with first and last names appear
  • These are used for identification and are attached to the data name as a prefix
  • Click Upload

If an error occurs during the upload, you will receive an error message:

Request Files;Error message during Upload:

As long as the link is active, you can repeat the process via the original email you received.



Last but not least: Those who sent the invitation will also receive a message in their mailbox after the successful upload:

Message in Inviers mail box Message in Inviers mail box



Great feature, you can ask others to upload files without worrying about security. Unfortunately, anonymous links (everyone) are blocked at some companies.

Three wishes for Microsoft:

please implement the “shortening the time span” in the process
Also allow “specific people”.
Incorporation of the process not only in OneDrive for Business, but every library


2 Gedanken zu “OneDrive for Business | Request files

  1. Hallo,

    diese Funktion ist auch für uns ziemlich interessant, jedoch erscheint der Button bei uns nicht.
    Gibt es Einstellungen die wir zuvor treffen müssen? Und wenn ja welche könnten das sein?


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