Bot in Teams-different views-all wrong

Source ok- 3 x Teams with different results

Already since the start of the development of the Community Bot for OneDrive we are struggling with the visual output. First with the visual output of the response in Qna Maker, which is described using Markdown. Here are 2 examples that show that the output in qnAMaker is correct, but deficient for Teams output.

QnA Editor This is the output in the QnA editor. This virtual editor would be a great help if additional commands required for teams would not be swallowed. After testing and before bringing in the teams special output like \\r\\n  for a CR LF, I am not allowed to use the editor but have to use plain Markdown when making changes. Feel like I’m back in the stone age.
QnA Editor Test environment in the test mode of the QnA Maker the formatting is correct. The image is also correctly here.

Now to the output in Teams. If you now think that this must be the same everywhere, you are wrong. The test scenario is simply described. The question is identical everywhere, but the output is unfortunately not. The following outputs were tested:

  • Teams Windows Desktop variant
  • Teams browser variant: Edge
  • Teams browser variant: Chrome
  • Teams mobile: on the iPhone

    Teams desktop variant

Teams version or higher

Teams Desktop Version before
Until a few days ago, the images were always displayed incorrectly, as a square. However, since 95% of all images in the bot have the 19:6 format, this resulted in a white spot.

Teams Desktop Version or higher
Here is the current change that Microsoft has now made. The format of the image is now correct, Unfortunately, each image is always output centered. Also, there is no response when you click on the image. Teams version or higher.

Teams Browser Variant

I have tested this with two different browser variants
Teams runnning in a Browser
The image is displayed incorrectly, as already described above. A click on the image enlarges it.
Tested with browser Edge 94.0.992.38 and Chrome 94.0.0406.71

Teams mobile vaiant

Teams mobile Version on iPhone

The mobile variant of Teams version 3.16.0. build is displayed correctly. Clicking on the image works. Unfortunately, Teams mobile does not support the gif variant.

The problem:
Markdown is not MarkDown.

Who is responsible for this?
The QnA staff says it works for us. In principle correct.
But with teams it is not so easy to find someone who is responsible for it. Although it is one product, we get different results. Depending on where you look at the output with which program. And if something is changed, it is also only partially correct.

[Update 06.10.21]

The desktop variant of Teams has been fixed, a bit. The image is now no longer centered. However, a double-click to enlarge the image still does not work.

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