Accessing the Newest OneDrive Versions

The article is about accessing the newest OneDrive versions for different operating systems and rings. It explains how Microsoft rolls out updates for OneDrive and how users can test new versions in advance. It also provides some tips and resources for OneDrive users and administrators.

My Article at describes how Microsoft develops and delivers different versions of OneDrive for different rings and operating systems. I explain the differences between the rings Insiders, Production and Deferred, as well as the frequency and mechanism of the updates. I criticize that Microsoft does not provide any information about what to test in the new versions, and offers a solution to download and install older or newer versions of OneDrive for testing purposes.

There I describe…

  • Introduction to the topic and the problem of delayed publication of OneDrive versions on a Microsoft webpage.
  • Description of the different rings of OneDrive and their characteristics in terms of functionality, error-proneness and rollout frequency.
  • Recommendation for administrators to control the ring settings for their organization and have some administrators in the Insiders ring.
  • Explanation of the different variants of OneDrive for different operating systems and processors.
  • Description of the mechanism by which Microsoft controls the availability and download of new OneDrive versions for the devices.
  • Note on the need to make certain servers reachable via TCP 443,80 to ensure a smooth function of OneDrive.
  • Criticism of the high frequency and lack of information about the new versions in the Insiders ring.
  • Solution proposal for the problem of downloading and installing older or newer versions of OneDrive, with a link to a page on the this blog.
  • A reference to the Community Bot for OneDrive that can be installed in Teams.

And here you can read the complete article

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