OneDrive – new Version 22.121.0605.0002

neue OneDrive Versionen im Insider Ring für Windows und macOS
neue OneDrive Versionen im Insider Ring für Windows und macOS

A new OneDrive Insider version is regularly released every week. This week it was version 22.121.0605.0002. These are not only versions for Windows, no, versions are also made available for macOS:

  • Windows 32 Bit
  • Windows 64 Bit
  • Windows ARM
  • macOS Intel
  • macOS Silicon

Those who have opted for the Insider program do not need to worry, this will be installed automatically. However, if you need a specific version for testing purposes, you can download this version from various places. There are several possibilities. The following table contains the OneDrive versions from all three rings: Insider Production Deferred

*) the current Windows versions include all Windows OneDrive versions in (32 bit, 64 bit and ARM) in all rings.

**) also older Windows OneDrive versions can be downloaded.

***) for macOS, both the Intel and Silicon OneDrive versions are available in all three rings.

****) In the Community Bot for OneDrive, simply enter SL01 as the question to see and download the latest OneDrive versions for Windows and macOS in all versions and rings.

Here are a few illustrations:

Why do I always get the OneDrive version later than my colleague, who has the same setting, connected to the Internet on the same LAN / WLAN?


Microsoft has developed an interesting method that not all computers contact the server at the same time and this would lead to an overload. After all, a setup file between 44 MB (ARM) and 54 MB (64 MB) is downloaded, which then downloads and installs the complete version of currently 216 MB (more than 700 files in 146 folders). This includes all language versions and also the group direction lines.

To put it simply, to avoid overloading, each computer looks at different times every day to see if there is a newer version for that computer. And that prevents this from leading to overload.

And that’s why it’s normal that the colleague gets his new version on Monday, and you gets it on Friday.

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