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OneDrive for Business, Microsoft
Microsoft has published the GA for the Product called Teams. So I should also write about that. No, not about Microsoft Teams. So there were other MVP’s they may do that. The good things. The bad things. Yes, there were some issues, you will have with Microsoft Teams. But again: Other MVP’s could write about that.

Microsoft Teams is taking the the existing Resources of Office 365. Normally a user may not get in contact with SharePoint or Groups inside of SharePoint. But we need the Groups.

Teams: View Files

I’m not interested in all these funny conversations. There are “unstructured”. We want to use folders and files.  The question is?

May I work with Microsoft Teams, even I do not have Internet?

The answer is Yes. Because the structured data is saved in a document library of a SharePoint Group

View of files from Teams of a SharePoint Group

and Yes, you know, documents inside of a document library of a SharePoint Group may be synced to your local PC. All, or only some. Selective, we use the Next Generation Sync Client.

After you have synced the data, open your Windows Explorer and look:

Synced folders and files from Microsoft Teams

And here the complete description, step by step:

Step by step guidance to sync files from Microsoft Teams to your local device

  1. Select the Group
  2. Click on Files
  3. Click on …
  4. now Click: Open in SharePoint

Step by step guidance to sync files from Microsoft Teams to your local device

If you are not signed in, Sign in with your Office 365 account

  1. sometimes you have to click on documents
  2. Here you see the Group name
  3. and the section (Allgemein == General)
  4. If you do not have select any file you may click on Sync

There are different messages  in the different web browsers.

so you may receive a popup message in your browser If you have worked and installed the Next Generation Sync Client, you do not have to do anything
Selective Synchronization, when you deselect folders You know this window: Here you have the chance to deselect some folders, which you do not want to synced on your  local device.

That’s it. After these small steps and the time for the initial sync, you are able to work with these “structured” data in the Offline Modus.

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