OneDrive | Sync Admin Report

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report

As Omar Shahine, Microsoft Director Program Management OneDrive wrote in his Tweet: "I remember one of my first MVP presentations on OneDrive and we asked MVPs like Jason Himmelstein and Hans Brender what they wanted and sync admin reports was the answer. Happy we are finally doing it."

Granted, it took a little bit of time. It was still the OneDrive Middle Ages. So much for history. It’s not there yet, but it’s on its way.

At the Ignite 2019, I had my first glimpse of what will be possible with it. Gaia Carini showed there for the first time to the people present what is to come. Here is the link to the session for those who do not have enough time: Fast forward to the 35th minute.

The basis was and is that every instance of the Next Generation Sync Client, i.e. the OneDrive.exe has its own ID, which you can even see in the properties today. I also wrote about this in January 2020. The rest in a few steps:

  • Access to Azure AD
  • Query each client and each instance to read out information
  • Consolodation for the Admin Center
    And in the next few weeks we will see the result:

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report  - overview

The overview with messages

  • how many computers have problems
  • what percentage of devices have PC Backup (Known Folder Move) enabled
  • what percentage of devices have the current sync client

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report  - Issues

The page with the problems

  • The most important errors
  • Inactive compounds

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report  - Versions

The Version Page

  • What percentage in the company have the current OneDrive version?
  • which different versions are in the company?

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report  - actual Health

Machine listing, as shown in the above video in the Excel spreadsheet

OneDrive: Synch Admin Report  - selected device actual Health

Detail display with error message of a machine

The Microsoft365 roadmap shows us that we unfortunately have to wait a few more months: At the moment it says first quarter of 2021, and only then can the support departments breathe a sigh of relief and move on to active support. Call the user and tell him that an error has occurred and how to fix it.

Further information in English language is available on 28.7.2020 in a webinar from Microsoft

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