OneDrive Files on Demand | Version 17.3.7073.1013

Next Generation Sync Client: Version 17.3.7064.1005 and 17.3.7073.1013

My subscribers may apologize, but I have to repeat: The Next Generation Sync Client does not receive Updates via Update Services nor Windows Server Update Service or If you have updated to a new Windows Version (with the Windows Fall Creaters Update), which was rolled out on 10/17/17. The OneDrive.exe has its own Update mechanism, so it could be, that you do not have received the right version for the function „OneDrive Files on Demand“. Each day once, normally if you start your device, the OneDrive.exe call home and ask, if there is a new version available. But there are several parameters, i.e. Office 365 tenant, OS Version,…

You see, that Microsoft has control about your sync client. You as an administrator may only have the possibility, to delay an update or a new function. During the Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida, I have spoken with several people from the Product group, tell them, that administrators do not like the function, each client talk to Microsoft, and download a new version. Sure, that’s only 26 MB, but count, if you have 10.000 employees, 10.000 * 26 MB must be downloaded. They give me the right answer: They are working on a version, that they only will sync the delta, the new function or changes on existing functions.

What is in the new Version?
And yes, there is a change log about it!

Version 17.3.7046.1005 from 10/11/17

Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance of the client.

OneDrive Files On-Demand support for Windows Fall Creators Update (version 16299.15).

If you have Windows 10 AND have updated “The windows Fall Creators Update” to Version 16299.15. I got the Next Generation Sync client ( 17.3.7046.1005) without The Windows Fall Creators Update and then I do not have OneDrive Files on demand on this device. If you run any other Operating system on your device, You do not have OneDrive Files on demand.


Before you have updated your Windows 10 device. OneDrive.exe with his DLL’s is an App. But now this app talks to Windows and Microsoft enhanced also NTFS. This enable a change of status through a simple Batch Program. And from the begin of the enablement of OneDrive Files on Demand Microsoft is doing this also for the enterprise.

Users are notified when a syncing library becomes read-only or when it becomes editable.

New Group Policy to control which organizations are allowed to sign in to OneDrive.

New Group Policy to control which organizations are blocked from signing in to OneDrive.

New Group Policy for controlling maximum upload and download throughput.

Preview: New Group Policy for silent account configuration.

Version 17.3.7073.1013

This version you will find only on the english support pages from Microsoft or with a direct link.


You must have Version 17.3.7046.1005 or later, to get OneDrive Files on Demand. You do not have to install OneDrive manually, but you can. But if you want to install it manually, install Version 17.3.7073.1013.

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