OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac Mojave released

OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac is rolling out

I have written some Blog Post about OneDrive Files on Demand. Look for a Link-Llist on the end of this blog post. But I do not own a Mac by myself. and therefore I didn’t know, that Files on Demand on Mac with OS Mojave was available only for them, if there are are Office Insiders.

Now Microsoft is rolling out for all Office 365 tenants this functionality, but only for OneDrive for Business, not for OneDrive Personal (Consumer).


Initially as Microsoft is roll out, the feature will only be on by default for new users, followed by slowly turning on this feature for existing OneDrive users. Admins will have the ability to disable or enable this feature via a preference.

For a device to be eligible for Files On-Demand for Mac, you will need to be on the latest macOS 10.14.2 or higher, and OneDrive version 18.240.1202.0001 or higher


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