Fix OneDrive sync problems

OneDrive Symbol? Error? Any solution?

By now OneDrive has grown up. It can be managed with group policies, it’s good for large companies dealing with the Modern Workplace, as for the individual user who "just" syncs his photos to the cloud. The variety of functions is still increasing, and the interface is being expanded and redesigned for the various mobile devices. Even if some MVP colleagues tell me they can not work with it because …

They are so many reasons. OneDrive for Business and OneDrive Personal are no longer network drives, and Microsoft still needs some improvement. But the ladies and gentlemen from Redmond are on the right path.

Sometimes, however, errors occur, and because Microsoft not only processes data with the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC), no, even in Windows Explorer under Windows 10 or under the latest Office versions, OneDrive is integrated and makes troubleshooting difficult.

But Microsoft collected several Errors, not only the description, no, they give you advice, what do you have to do. A solution. And the list collects more than 120 issues

You may start here or with the list below



Icon Error items
OneDrive sync error OneDrive sync error 15
OneDrive for Business sync OneDrive for Business sync error 12
OneDrive Personal processing changes oder OneDrive processing changes OneDrive processing changes 9
OneDrive Personal paused oder OneDrive paused OneDrive paused 2
 OneDrive Personal account nearly full  OneDrive account nearly full 2
OneDrive Personal account full, locked or frozen OneDrive account full, locked or frozen 1
OneDrive not signed in OneDrive not signed in 1
SkyDrive sync error SkyDrive sync error  (Windows 8.1) 12
OneDrive for Business (old version= Groove) sync error

OneDrive for Business (old version) sync error




Icon Error items
OneDrive for Mac sync error OneDrive for Mac sync error 13



Icon Error items
OneDrive active notification in Android OneDrive active notification in Android 1
Troubleshoot OneDrive for Android Troubleshoot OneDrive for Android 11
Troubleshoot OneDrive for iOS Troubleshoot OneDrive for iOS 8


Windows File-Explorer / macOS Finder

Icon Error items
OneDrive sync error OneDrive sync error 15
OneDrive processing changes OneDrive processing changes 10
File locked File locked 1

Of course there are other aids. For example, in this blog. For example, a reset. But just look in the blog itself. Good succeed.

I hope that with this contribution I could help one or the other user / administrator.

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