OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.151.0729.0005

NGSC: 18.151.0729.0005

I was on vacation. Driving with an RV from Alaska to Seattle. And have had some issues with OneDrive to switch it off. I have written a separate Journey blog in German language, you have to translate via Bing or Google,, if you want to read it. Here the Journey Blog starts. During my days in Seattle area I have had a cup of coffee with Jason Moore from the Microsoft OneDrive Product Group. And I have told him my issues.

In August here was also a Microsoft podcast with Jason Moore and Stephen Rose and me as Guests of the Microsoft SharePoint Podcast The IntraZone called : Ready Player OneDrive. Host were Chris McNulty and Mark Kashman. Look here.

Three weeks on the road and Microsoft published some new clients of the sync engine Next Generation Sync Client , the world knows as OneDrive.

For all, who do not know:
You do not have to download the new version, nor your admin has to search, there is an mechanism, that the client automatically looks each day for a new version. And depending of the ring system and other configurations (Insider) the client will be automatically downloaded and install the right version.

Released Version


There are three new things (we see):

OneDrive: Feedback 1) Integration of Send Feedback “ like something", "I don’t like something", "I have a suggestion” So send Feedback is replacing Report a problem

so the bad and the good things you want to give feedback are text based, the third is going direct to, where you have different sections to bring in your ideas.

  2) If a device goes into battery saver mode, OneDrive automatically stops sync, but this behavior may overwritten by user
  3) Update the version of the look and feel of the activity center

Insiders Version


so I do not have more information about these version. Do you. Send me a mail or write a comment.

Office Insider Version

At this time I only describe versions from Insiders. Office Insiders may have higher versions too.

Here you see all Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe) versions

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