OneDrive | Personal Vault Inactivity Lock

Tresor 01

The OneDrive app version 19.232.1124.0004 is an Insiders version and Microsoft does not publish any information about Insiders versions of the Next Generation Sync Client. By chance I came across an additional entry in the account of OneDrive Personal (OneDrive Consumer).

There we find new, possible settings, from when the personal vault, which is only available in OneDrive Personal, becomes inactive and closes itself again. Well, a comparison with real life is limping, but it makes sense to store different times. Because with a desktop device that is at home, I can set the inactivity lock of the OneDrive safe longer than with a mobile device that I take with me on trips. The images above show two different settings with the same account, on the left the desktop device (in German), on the right the mobile device (in English). A nice solution, this additional, configurable time lock, which brings additional security.

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