OneDrive Version 22.225.1026.0001

New OneDrive Version 
Insider 22.225.1026.0001
Production 22.212.1009.0003
Deferred 22.196.0918.0001

Starting with this week, Microsoft has published a new OneDrive Version 22.225.1026.001. So last week they published a lot of Minor Versions and the normal count was not normal for the new Version. Anyway, we will see, whats inside.

If you need a certain Version you find all versions here for test purposes. All valid Windows Versions you may see here. So you may install an older version, to see, that the newer version has a bug or an unexpected behavior.

You may download all OneDrive Versions of the OneDrive sync Client for the 3 Rings: Insider, Production and Deferred Ring

Windows 32 Bit (Insider, Production, Deferred)
Windows 64 Bit (Insider, Production, Deferred)
Windows ARM (Insider, Production, Deferred)
macOS Intel (Insider, Production, Deferred)
macOS Silicon (Insider, Production, Deferred)

If you have installed the Community Bot for OneDrive in Teams, ask him with the Short Link „SL01“

Many people around the world aks me: Why are you listing these Versions?

The answer is relativ simple:

Microsoft has no time to push on their website the Insider Versions. No description, nothing. Description for Production Ring or Deferred Ring? No. The only Release notes fo the Production Ring since months: We’ve resolved product issues to improve the reliability and performance of the OneDrive sync app. Unfortunatelly I also have no information, whats inside.

Need Feedback

You may akso give me some feedback, if you have found something is new. Or anything else.You may give me a comment here or write me an EMail

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