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Sync Shared with me

I wrote an article in German language about it on November 29th, 2016, but I am amazed to see that many OneDrive users are not familiar with this function and therefore do not use it. In the meantime, the design has changed a bit, but otherwise the functionality has remained the same. Therefore: First read the “old” photo series.

What was not mentioned in the old article are a few small things:

In the past, with parts was also possible across tenants. This has now been restricted to tenant users.

[Update 05/21/20] The restriction no longer exist. Now you can share and sync theses data with other users of other tenants.

The process is still the same. Before synchronization, the person who wants to share files (in a folder) in OneDrive for Business must also do this.

People: Julian Versuch, Andrea Market

Share: User select files  
Share with people in my organisation

People at xxxx with the link

This is the link that only applies within the organization.

There is no time limit here. For our scenario, it means that a user shares a folder from his OneDrive for Business with employees from his organization

A single file cannot be synchronized, it must be in a folder!

No: You can’t with OneDrive Personal!

When Andrea Marketis selected and the link has been sent …

Receive and Sync  
Recipient: Access to folders via email

User Julian Versuch shared the “Andrea Austausch” folder in his OneDrive for Business with user Andrea Market.

User Andrea Market clicks on the “Andrea Austausch” folder.

Access to data of another user that the user has shared

The assigned browser opens and the user Andrea Market clicks on Synchronize.

Prepare for synchronization Now you should see the following picture and then…

Change to OneDrive

… follows this pop-up, which the users Andrea Market confirms with “YES”. Then we can switch to Windows File Explorer.

Windows File Explorer after synchronization

As we can see, the folder appears in the tenant “HBsoft”, the folder bears the name of the user who shared it, followed by the folder name.
In this example: Julian Versuch – Andrea exchange

06 OneDrive View_thumb[2]

a look at the properties of the OneDrive.exe sync client also shows the folder under the Account tab. The transferred files can also be filtered here or, if no longer required, the synchronization can be ended.


For shared files from OneDrive for Business, the recipient within the organization (tenant) can synchronize these files if the folder has been shared. The file is now in three different places:

  • User A – who shared the file, synchronizes on his computer
  • In the cloud In OneDrive for Business from user A
  • User B – the recipient who synchronizes this file with his computer

Szeario: user A shares a folder from OneDrive with user B

What happens when user Andrea Market deletes a file in the folder? How can it be restored? I have described this here. User A == user Julian Versuch, user B == user Andrea Market

7 Gedanken zu “OneDrive | Sync Shared with me files

  1. Is it not possible to somehow automate the process vo GPO/registry etc. so that all „Shared with me“ Onedrive4B folders get automatically synced to User B computer without needing to open the browser and click on Synchronize ?


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