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Community Bot for OneDrive knows all OneDrive Versions of the sync client

I can still remember the distribution and installation of a program with floppy disks. From the floppy disks only the symbol in various programs has remained. The installation has changed over the years. CD, DVD, USB stick or network installation are relics from another time. The Community Bot for OneDrive is distributed via the Teams Apps Source and is then available to all Teams users worldwide. If the Teams administrator has not restricted access to the Apps Store, then installing the bot is done after 4 clicks and entering 3 characters of code.

1. click on the Apps Store Catalog

2. click on the search box

3. Enter "Mr."

4. click on Community Bot for OneDrive

5. click on "Add

By the way, the characters "Mr." come from the description where "Mr.OneDrive" is referenced. An illustrated installation guide is available here.

The Community Bot for OneDrive will be extended continuously. Currently my developer colleagues Thomy Gölles, MVP Office Development and Stephan Bisser, MVP Artificial Intelligence are working on quality management. We want to make the bot even better. But that requires a revised version. Do you have to do anything as a user? The answer is a clear "No".

Work on the databases, i.e. my digitized knowledge, is ongoing. When Microsoft announces news about OneDrive, I first write a blog post. The whole thing twice, namely in German and English. If possible with pictures. Because sometimes you need to understand the background and that would be too much information (or better text) for the bot. A summary of the blog post is then brought into the database. In each case separately by language. After the test, the database is published. That’s it. After publication, the new information is available to all users of the bot.

For example, today the "current versions of Windows Sync Client". Normally, the user does not have to worry about the version of the Sync Client. The OneDrive client is always kept up to date automatically. If you want to experiment, you can access different OneDrive versions and download them with one click and install them manually. More info: To do this, enter the bot the question "Windows OneDrive versions"…

Did You know?
The Community BOT for OneDrive The Community BOT for OneDrive
The Community Bot for OneDrive – available in the Teams Apps Store

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