OneDrive for Business | Version 17.3.6955.0712 published

Next Generation Sync Client Version 17.3.6955.0712

Which version you have installed have different reasons: If your tenant is “On first release”, you will receive the version 17.3.6955.0712, also if you are a Windows Insider. All other users are still remain on version 17.3.6917.0607 and: Don’t worry about that.

What’s inside in this version?

Writing this blog post, I do not have find out, what has changed in version 17.6955.0712. I do not see new features, but I do not know, if this version only fixes bugs. There is no new entry in the change-log.

Do I have to manually install the new version?


But because I get more follower and do speaking about this topic at Microsoft Ignite at September in Orlando, Florida, here the short version about the story:

There are many possibilities to get Update for your windows device

  • Windows Updates
  • Updates via WSUS (windows Software Update Service) for companies
  • Office Updates for Click to run installations

No one of these mechanism installs a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC). But for Microsoft it is essential, that the changes they implement in Office 365 match with the right client on your device. But we know, that administrators often delay such Updates. That was the reason, Microsoft implement a self update mechanism for the NGSC. Microsoft  controls the update, when you reach the right version.

Long story short:

If you start you device, the NGSC is looking for a new version. If yes, it download the new version (about 24 MB), update the old version and start the process for syncing.

I depends on your device, you do not realize it.

I have my own change-Log, you may put the URL into your Browsers favorites. I will also bring in news into this blog post, if I get new information

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