OneDrive | new Insider Version 18.240.1202.0003

New Version of the OneDrive.exe; 18.240.1202.0003

Microsoft has released at the end of the year 2018 a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe). It was published in the Insiders  Ring, has the number 18.240.1202.0003 and fixed a bug in Version 18.235.1125.0006.

So in the version 18.235.1125.0006 you cannot delete a file with the Windows Explorer in a synced Library, if you do not have a Internet connection.

Status of this file is “rolling out”, but I myself have not seen any automatic download. I have to install it manually.

If any of my readers have seen, that this version is installed automatically, you may send me a notice.

At the end of 2018 it shows now:

    Insiders Ring Production Ring Enterprise-Ring
Windows Last
18.235.1125.0006 18.222.1104.0007 18.151.0729.0012
  Rolling Out 18.240.1202.0003   18.222.1104.0007
February 18, 2019
Mac Last
18.222.1104.0007 18.222.1104.0007
(Mac App Store)
18.240.1202.0003   18.222.1104.0007
February 18, 2019

Source Microsoft

Here the Link to all versions of the Next Generation Sync Client

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