OneDrive versions

OneDrive Versions: 21.114.0606.0001

In the meantime, Microsoft has decided to no longer publish descriptions for Insider versions. The reason. One wants to strive for the timely release of the version from the production ring and deferredchannel. This is a good and a bad sign. So the how to know when a new OneDrive version for the Insider ring has been released.

That’s why I decided to rebuild my pages. Because the research showed that I can focus on the newest versions. So now there is an extra menu item on my blog where the latest versions are listed.

all OneDrive Versions

I allow myself the luxury of offering both the 32 bit variant and the 64 bit variant for download. Of course, the large list contains additional information about the individual versions. You can also download Mac, iOS and Android versions there.

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