Office 365 Engage | Haarlem | Netherlands | Short Recap

There were 3 days of Office 365 Skill Building & Networking in Haarlem near Amsterdam. Many Experts from around the globe shared their knowledge in 90 sessions.

Here some pictures

Tony Redmond
Keynote by Tony Redmond
Agnes Molnar
Agnes Molnar  talked about… Search
Jussi Roine
Jussi Roine talked not about the wather
Jasper Oosterveld
Jasper Oosterveld talked about Stream
Samule Zuericher
Samuel Zuericher talked about OneDrive
yes, I talked about OneDrive too


Live Viodeocast Windows Weekly  #523 “The Haarlem Shuffle” with Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott

Joos van Schaik, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thorrott


On the other side,  Andy Talbot from Collab365 have had an interview with me, you may show the 30 minutes

30 minutes live: Andy Talbot and Hans Brender


Hans Brender, something went wrong so this was a great conference, happy to meet some old friends and found some new friends.

on exception:

Something went wrong

My flight back home was canceled with many other flights and also KLM has no crisis management.

It was a short night…

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