OneDrive news about Version 20.052.0311.0010

OneDrive: News zu Version 20.052.0311.0010

With the version 20.052.0311.0010 in the production ring there were a few innovations, which Microsoft released on April 23, 2020.

The version 20.052.0311.0010 was first an insider version, which was then released into the production ring. In the Insider ring, version 20.064.0329.0005 is currently being rolled out. In the Enterprise or Deferred Ringit is version 20.052.0311.0006.

And you can already see the name change on the red color

Ring (old name) Ring (new Name)
Insider ring Insider Ring
Production Ring Production Ring
Enterprise Ring Deferred Ring

In the English language we also speak of the Deferred-Ring. In this channel they receive the least updates. Another novelty with the version 20.052.0311.0010 I have already described at the beginning of April 2020: The access to the history version of a file. As described there, I have certain bugs there that I reported to the OneDrive product group, but even in the latest insider version these bugs are not fixed yet. They have also worked on reducing the warnings of the synchronization delay. These occurred more frequently during the Corona crisis. And finally one has improved the help.

more help inside OneDrive more help inside OneDrive

If you click on the displayed version in the settings of the OneDrive Sync Client under the About tab, you will reach the table maintained by Microsoft with the different versions for Windows, MAc, Android and iOS and there you will also see the differences in the rings described above (Insider, Production, Deferred).

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