Wish List for OneDrive 2022

Wish List for OneDrive 2022

In the meantime, the new year 2022 has dawned and I smoothly neglected to publish my OneDrive wish list. Throughout the year, I show different people on the planet how the OneDrive product works. I try to bring the OneDrive Philosophy, which is not written down, not only to the community events, but also to the administrators at workshops. And that’s how you sometimes get to the limits that make some companies rethink. There are different cultures, which also bring different ways of thinking. That’s why the list below includes not only new things, but also old things that by definition don’t work the way you think they should.

SharePoint Technology inside OneDrive Personal

If Reddit users in your OneDrive (Personal) group are to be believed, and not just these users but many discussion groups, many do not understand the differences between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.  My suggestion would be to roll out a standardized SharePoint Online server with reduced functionality that cannot be turned off. Perhaps like the Exchange functionality of Outlook.com. The sync technology can be kept, but the differences could be dropped and would not need to be handled differently (rights system).

Group Policies Description

For group policies, I would like all OneDrive group policies published in Learn.Microsoft.com.

Group policies (standards like all others)

Administrators like copy and paste. Also when it comes to group policies. Now the OneDrive group policies come with every new OneDrive version automatically. I think that is very good. Unfortunately there is no versioning with the group policies. Would be nice if in the adm directory of OneDrive a version would be carried along. Furthermore, all group policies are built according to a standard. But why not the OneDrive group policies? It is just a folder. With a different name. Look at the other group policies, how the folders of the used languages are named.

OneDrive Sync Admin Reports

The idea behind this is great. Finally the administrator can proactively intervene on user errors long before the user notices it himself. To the last Ignite, which was still with many attendees in Orlando 2019, I saw the idea as an Excel sheet. I was enthusiastic. In May 2021 the preview was announced. As a public version. My criticism of this product was taken: Not scalable. Wrong allocation. And …
After 7 months we received a filter. I wish nothing but to continue working on such a good product.

OneDrive memory error

In the Admin Center, the administrators are given tools, which, however, lead to an error on the surface. Then the administrator has to use PowerShell again. If no error cleanup is performed, then you can omit the switches right away.

Quality Office DLLs

OneDrive is the basis for collaboration. The basic building blocks are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And intelligent DLL’s. Or should I say were? I can’t help feeling that here two departments don’t know who is doing what at what time. Or should not do. Coordination. But it has worked before. It took dozens of mails until the support understood what was not working. But with PowerPoint there was an error message, Excel did not open at all, but there was no error message, only Word worked.

Announcement when functions are omitted

OneDrive is a very lively system. You can’t remember all the settings. What still works in one version is no longer available in the next. Dear Microsoft employees, there may be good reasons for functions to be omitted, but it would be desirable to receive information about this as well.

Move known folders – OneDrive Personal

I protested, built a mockup. No one cared, but the feedback in the various forums tells a different story. These people, in the absence of help, simply pressed „Next“ during installation, and the known folders were moved. I don’t want to share the curses and frustration of these OneDrive users here. Hello Microsoft, there are also other programs in the world that then no longer work and / or just clutter up the OneDrive cloud storage. Does that have to be the case?

Deselect folder to suppress synchronization

Actually a good feature, which unfortunately has a design flaw. From my point of view. But which is not a bug in the decision phase by Microsoft definition. But users ask for it. And then notice that something is missing. So to push down the number of files to synchronize, it is not suitable. Why is this decision not revised?

OneDrive + Retention

We need a way to use retention labels with OneDrive client in Windows Explorer and Mac file system. The user experience today is to work in the file system and they don’t work in SharePoint Online with the web browser. So we need more and more experience in Windows and Mac file explorer.


Yes, dear Microsoft employees. It’s amazing that there are not so many new wishes. They are not only my wishes, but wishes from administrators and MVP colleagues from my environment. They are often quality requests. And that means even more work to be done. Do you need support? I am ready!

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