Next Generation Snyc Cient | new PreView Version 17.3.6674.1021

new Webdesign of the Microsoft Download site

image_thumb[3] Microsoft has published a new version of the Preview of the Next Generation Sync client and you may
download it.

Die Version number is  17.3.6674.1021

This Version will not autamatical installed, you have to install it manually

[Update 11/7/16]
A partner recieved the new version automatically


Attention: This is a Preview Version for Testing, not for the daily use.

I have describe the PreView Version in several blog posts.


Next Generation Sync Client – new Preview Version available
Naming Convention in Explorer with the Next Generation Sync Client

5 Gedanken zu “Next Generation Snyc Cient | new PreView Version 17.3.6674.1021

  1. Hi, one Win10 clients it runs as described, but we also search for a solution to sync SharePoint online libraries on Win7 clients.
    – i deactivate SharePoint Workspace ( groove) from the office2010 installation
    – install New OD client 1021
    – add reg key

    I can sync OneDrive folder without any issue, if i add a SP Online Lib, i will ask to logon, after this step it will end in a loop

    anyone else some experience


  2. Hi, it seams that i can’t sync my SharePoint online libraries anymore with this version ? With the previous version i had no it’s asking me to open the old groove.exe client ….


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