New Settings for OneDrive Insider

With the OneDrive Insider version 22.191.0911.0001 now comes the new interface with all features of OneDrive, which was already leaked everywhere in July. I did not participate in the discussion, because there can always be changes and all announced dates of „alleged“ insiders have passed without hearing or seeing anything. But already with the Insider version 22.186.0904.0001 there were some signs that something will happen. For me, however, signs that also raised questions that have not yet been answered by Microsoft’s product group.

With the Insider version we get the new features not only for Windows 11 but also for Windows 10. They are available in both light (Light) mode and the increasingly popular Dark mode. The properties differ for the versions

Here are the images, the settings of OneDrive Personal (consumer)

Here are the settings of OneDrive for Business

Users in the OneDrive productivity ring will have to wait a few more days. Because the current version still has some inconsistencies, as described above.

Defaults, which are based on group policies, are not displayed correctly. Example pleasing:

With the group policies you can specify for the company that e.g. all users are in the production ring. The user can then no longer change this.

upper part previous setting / lower part new setting
So sollte die Einstellung  für OneDrive for Business aussehen, wenn die Gruppenrichtlinie aktiv ist.
this is how it should look when the group policy is active

In the new version I can currently change this as a user, but this would not be allowed by the group policy. I have changed here once the original image, as it should look. Of course, the functionality must also be changed.


Small things that still need to be changed. Otherwise tidy and adapted for Windows 11. Thank you Microsoft for giving us this for Windows 10 as well.

[Update 09/27/2022]

The new properties do not show up everywhere yet. The properties are still in an early state (preview). For example, certain properties resulting from group policies are not yet displayed correctly.

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