2021 Recap

2021 Recap

The year 2021 is coming to an end. And it’s time to let the year go by again. In short, it would look like this. 28 conferences and meetups. Been everywhere except the Australian continent, not in person but virtually. I talked via OneDrive as almost always. About the bot. About artificial intelligence. And if you were to introduce a country ranking, the podium places were occupied by Germany, USA and India. The pandemic continues to have us firmly in its grip, but I was actually in person at 4 conferences. It was fun, although I did notice some fatigue with online events in Germany. Other countries use the opportunity just as much, but the interest is greater there. I met many „old“ friends again, mostly just virtually, but I also made many new friends.

18.01.21 Modern Workplace Paris 2021, France
21.01.21 SharePoint UserGroup Pune, India
22.01.21 Microsoft 365 Friday, California, USA
02.03.21 Microsoft Ignite, USA
20.03.21 M365 Saturday, Pune, India
24.03.21 Office 365 Graz, Austria
06.04.21 Cloud & Office 365 Rhein Main, Germany
10.04.21 M3656 Saturday Chennai, India
26.04.21 Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, USA
10.05.21 Collabdays Nordisc, Norway
12.05.21 Teams Nation 2021, UK
19.05.21 M365 UK UserGroup, UK
29.05.21 SharePoint Saturday Cologne, Germany
04.06.21 3rd cloud virtual Summit 2021, Switzerland
05.06.21 M365 Chicago Virtual Event, USA
08.06.21 Teams UserGroup Nürnberg, Germany
10.06.21 Teams UserGroup Berlin, Germany
28.06.21 Infinity365 Wien, Austria
02.09.21 Microsoft 365 Live 2021, Columbia
14.10.21 aMS Strassbourg, France
15.10.21 aMS Southeast Asia, Singapore
15.10.21 mbuf MVPSpeedDating, Germany
02.11.21 Microsoft Ignite, USA
16.11.21 aMS Germany Aachen, Germany
26.11.21 aMS Casablanca, Marocco
26.11.21 communidad AI, Mexico
29.11.21 ECS, Düsseldorf, Germany
11.12.21 M365 Saturday, Bangalore, India

When you let such a year pass, then mostly joy arises. But sometimes fate just strikes. So my father said goodbye to this planet in December after a long life. But time does not stand still. The next year and the next conferences are just around the corner. And here again, thank you. Thank you for everyone who supported me, thank you to Microsoft who patiently answered my questions. Thanks to everyone else. The only question that remains is where you can see and hear me then in 2022. Just follow the blog, or on Twitter or on LinkedIn because it starts again already in January 2022. See you around…

Did You know?

The Community BOT for OneDrive
The Community BOT for OneDrive

The Community Bot for OneDrive – available in the Teams Apps Store

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