Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive jumps 18 (18.025.0204.0003)

The newest version of the Next Generation Sync Client: 18.025.0204.0003

no, not 18 years nor 18 months. But the version number of the Next Generation Sync Client jumps over the 18. Microsoft has released on 02/16/2018, a Friday a new version with the number 18.025.0204.0003

18? Does the client sync program reach adulthood? NO.

Once again, Microsoft manages to ignore quality management. Nothing was published regarding technical changes. And the version has errors. But only remember the users who do not speak English. Viewed on different operating systems, everywhere there is only the English version. So we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to get a corrected version. The jump to the number 18 does not need to be celebrated. Here is the link to my change log.

Question to Microsoft: And why is such a package delivered to the weekend?

[Update 02/22/18]

so it takes a little bit time, Monday was a holyday day in US.

For explanation. The Next Generation Sync Client are installed with more than 100 languages. After Installation and also if it updates itself, NGSC is looking for the language of the OS and put the NGSC in this language. And here is the bug. No switch to the language. It remains in English language.

The product group in Redmond knows about this issue of 18.xxxx.xxxx.0003 and 0006 and we will receive another version, when the bug is fixed.

By the way, this versions only Insiders should receive…


Nee Onderive sync client release notes

3 Gedanken zu “Next Generation Sync Client – OneDrive jumps 18 (18.025.0204.0003)

  1. Hello.
    For some reasons our clients updates to these new versions event if we have set the registry to only install Enterprise Ring versions. What could the cause be?


    1. So there was a bug with this insider version. 18.025.0204.0003 should only received Insiders. Next, there was a language issue. It do not switch to the OS language. And last: The following version was also buggy. Today they rolling out 18.025.0204.0007 and all issues should be fixed


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