New feature: OneDrive Sync Version history

OneDrive Version history

During my daily workshops I have spoken, the Windows Explorer (Apple Finder)is the presentation layer of SharePoint. But only one dimension. Because  you only see the latest  Version of your document. And you do not have a chance to see in the past. You have to open the document (and if it is Word, Excel or PowerPoint) you may activate the history pane and open an old version of the document to compare. Another way was to switch to a browser, and look there for the history information.

But the times have been changed. Microsoft published the information, that this will rolled out in mid-March and will be completed until end of March 2020.

Users will see a new entry in the context menu in Finder, File Explorer, and OneDrive Activity Feed. Version history will allow users to download previous versions of a file as well restore or delete previous versions.

So now the explorer or finder will have the next dimension. The next step into a better collaboration.

I find that cool, what Do you think?

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