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OneDrive and OneDrive for Business settings

As early as July, a leaked version of the OneDrive and OneDrive for Business settings was circulating on the Internet and in the various Internet services. It was supposed to be adapted to the UX of Windows 11. And then it was forgotten again. Because good things take time. In September I wrote about it here. Then the insiders got the new version. Still with various errors afflicted. So the settings, which was also controlled with group policies, were not displayed correctly.

In the productive ring it has arrived with the version 22.238.1114.0002 now. But it was only active for one day. Then the Insider version 22.248.1127.0001 was pushed into the productive ring. I suspect that the update KB5021233 was/is involved.

Was mir aufgefallen ist:

The former Office tab is missing. The information about it can be seen in the „advanced settings“ under collaboration on files.

If you click on OneDrive Information under Info, not only the OneDrive version with the respective 32-bit, 64-bit or ARM version, but also the device ID is inserted into the clipboard.
This information is necessary for feedback or bug reports.

Anyone else notice something?

[12/14/22 Addendum]

there are still inconsistencies in important folder backup. the old and / new version

[12/15/22 Addendum]

Here is the answer from Microsoft:
We are in the process of rolling out the new KFM Assistant, but this is a different rollout than the new settings. The new settings will be rolled out to production first and the new KFM Wizard will come to production in January.

This means:
If the OneDrive Sync Client is in the Production Ring, the „previous“ setting (left image) is output for KFM (Known Folder Move).

If the OneDrive Sync Client is in the Insider ring, the right image is output for KFM (Known Folder Move).

Currently both rings have identical versions: 22.248.1127.0001. (see also here)

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