OneDrive Group Policies Part 1

OneDrive Group Policies Serie Part 1
OneDrive Group Policies Serie Part 1

Unfortunately, it took a little longer. Announced in August 2021 (only in German language). But before we get to that, a few little things that are different about OneDrive. You can’t download the current group policies from Microsoft, but with each update, the group policies are also included. And that’s in 17 languages. To do this, we first need to know where OneDrive is stored. This can be in 3 different locations:

OneDrive Program,
Storage location
the different locations where the current OneDrive version is stored

In the user directory



32 Bit: C:Program Files x86Microsoft OneDrive
64 Bit: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OneDrive

If we look at the file structure in Explorer, we then find the current version at the respective location, in the example 22.111.0522.0002. In the adm directory, we then find the current group policies. While OneDrive supports over 100 different languages, the OneDrive group policies only support 17, namely English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (2x), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (2x).

For these languages there are also country-specific pages, which have mostly been translated manually. And this is where the problem lies.

Group policies for Windows systems are created and then translated by Microsoft’s Windows product group. In the documentation of OneDrive and the group policies there is an English page, which was then again translated by this team. Unfortunately, the names of the OneDrive group policies did not match, so I searched for a solution with the OneDrive product group and the writers of the documentation some time ago. The control of the OneDrive group policies is a single file, the OneDrive.admx.
And for this file there are 17 different language versions OneDrive.adml. In each of these XML files there is a string ID for each OneDrive group policy, for example

<string id=“DisablePersonalSync„>Prevent users from syncing personal OneDrive accounts</string>

This string ID of a group policy is the same in all different adml files, but the text is different. Here the German variant

<string id=“DisablePersonalSync„>Benutzer an der Synchronisierung persönlicher OneDrive-Konten hindern</string>

Yes, there are administrators who do not roll out the English variant, but the German one. For example, Windows 10 or 11, and they also expect documentation in German.

And who now looks at the German page of the OneDrive group policy, now finds that the sorting of the group policies is done by exactly this „string id„.

However, there are more inconsistencies that do not allow administrators to cut and paste. Group policies often allow a Windows system to be set more granularly. Administrators can do this without system tools. To do this, perform points 1-3 (the user must have administration rights for the copy action on the Windows machine). For each language, copy the respective adml file into the corresponding subdirectory. Then call the Windows tool „Edit group policy“. Also for this the admin rights are necessary for the respective user.

Group Policy Editor Computer configuration of OneDrive
Group Policy Editor Computer configuration of OneDrive
Group Policy Editor User configuration of OneDrive
Group Policy Editor User configuration of OneDrive

Differences in the web pages should actually be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, a few errors still creep in at Microsoft, which result in the documentation compared to the adml version. It should be explicitly mentioned here: Today’s date is 06.06.2022 and the corresponding adml file comes from OneDrive version 22.111.0522.0002. This is an Insider version, but the errors have existed for some time.

Configure team site libraries to sync automatically

The string ID on the TenantAutoMount web page: this ID is incorrect, it must be AutoMountTeamSites.

Prevent users from moving their Windows known folders to OneDrive

The string ID on the web page KFMBlockOptIn: this ID is wrong, it must be BlockKnownFolderMove.

Disable the tutorial that appears at the end of OneDrive Setup

The string ID on the DisableTutorial web page: this ID is wrong, it must be DisableFRETutorial.

Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive

The string ID on the KFMSilentOptIn web page: this ID is wrong, it must be KFMOptinNoWizard.

The following OneDrive group policies are included in the amdl/admx files, but are not listed in the documentation:


Disable animation that appears during OneDrive Setup.


Cause sync client to ignore normal web proxy detection logic.


Always use the user’s Windows display language when provisioning known folders in OneDrive.


Allow users to contact Microsoft for feedback and support.

And last but not least: Description of a GPO that is in the documentation but does not yet exist as a group policy:

String-ID: DisableAutoConfig

Prevent authentication from automatically happening.


I have pointed out to the OneDrive product group several times these errors that the documentation is not correct. But since I have already been asked by some administrators about these „discrepancies“, I now make them public.

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