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OneDrive for Business wish list 2018

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So we are at the end of the year 2017. Microsoft has publish many changes and news. And the OneDrive product group in Redmond has done a good job. Two wishes out of my wish list from last year are still open. So it’s time to have a wish list for next year:

my wish list for the year 2018


Microsoft has done a lot of documentation for end users. But administrators need more. a complete documentation about parameters for configuration of the sync client. These Parameters are nowhere documented or do you know what perfAuditorIntervalInMilliseconds or AllowUserOverrideOfConcurrentUploads stands for? Sometimes administrators want to know the principle of the synchronization, to find issue of a user a little bit easier.


This is a wish from 2016. Today you may copy a folder with files or a file in the web browser from OneDrive for Business to a team site or a group. But only copy. No move. So the user has to delete the data from the origin after copying. And I want more. I want to move not only the last version, I want top move all data, also the metadata like the history version.

Shared from me

You share more and more data. I want to have a view, that lists all data, which I have shared with other people, and I want to have this list of documents also synced to my device.

Cross tenant sync

Sometimes I and other people have the situation, that I want to synchronize data from a folder of a users OneDrive for Business of another tenant, which was shared with me.This time you could do that only, if the user is a member of your own tenant.

Self update of the NGSC with delta

So I have described it several time, that Microsoft has some rules, which different criteria’s, when a device will receive an update of the Next generation sync client. So it will not use Windows Update nor Windows Update service (WSUS). The biggest advantage for WSUS is, that you only have one download, and then distribute the setup to all clients on your local network.  But this is not true for the NGSC. Each device will go and download the 24,5 MB of the Sync client. But you have to know, that Microsoft has no control of an installed proxy. Therefore I would have another wish, that Microsoft could develop an Update version, which is only a delta of the version, which was installed, means only a Delta of the update will be flow from the internet to each device.

By the way, last week (11/14/17) Microsoft published a new version of the Next Generation Sync Client. The actual version is now: 17.3.7289.1207. What’s new on this version. Look here and read.


Yes, Microsoft has a change-log. But I have a wish, that the description is released before the new NGSC is published.Sometimes it takes 14 days…

Perhaps you have also one or more wishes for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. Write it down. Use the comment function.

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