OneDrive 64 Bit – 20.249.1210.0001 – Do NOT install


First a warning. Do not install the version 20.249.1210.0001

This is a "Leaked" version from Microsoft and not an Insider version. But one by one

Since 2016 there has been a "demand" in UserVoice for a 64 bit solution. Now someone has leaked the internal version to the IT media, saying: this is an Insider version.
This is definitely wrong after checking with the OneDrive product group in Redmond!

OneDrive 64 bit installation in the program directory

I installed this version and found that it is really a 64 bit version. The user can also easily see if he has installed a 32 or 64 bit version:

32 Bit 64 Bit
OneDrive Version 32 Bit OneDrive Version 64 Bit

that is interesting, but it does not only depend on whether it is a 64 bit version, but the complete functionality must also be given.

And that is far more important!


But this is not the case:

1) the implementation in Windows Explorer is only half finished. So context menus like share, free space, open the online version… are missing.
2) The deletion of other users is not synchronized! So if you have only one device, you will not notice if other users of a shared library change data.
3) Thumbnails are not displayed correctly

4) …

Since we are talking about your data, these points listed above preclude installing this version.

Therefore once again:

Do not install the version 20.249.1210.0001

Nice, so we know that Microsoft is working on a 64 bit version. But we still need a little patience.

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