OneDrive Basics 02

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And if you just started here today, you should first read the 1st part from the basics OneDrive with the servers and services in the Microsoft 365 Cloud, then it continues with the overview of the clients and programs.

Client programs like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are prepared for collaboration

The figure shows both the Windows operating system and a few programs that work with OneDrive

  1. Outlook
  2. Windows 10
  3. Word
  4. Excel
  5. PowerPoint

1. Oulook

Outlook and OneDrive. Yes, will be explained later. Of course, Outlook is a native app for e-mail and calendar. Contacts and more.

2. Windows 10

Here I have taken the current operating system Windows 10. There the first edition of the Next Generation Sync Client was already installed. And with every new version the synchronization into the operating system, and here in particular into the file explorer was improved and new functions were implemented. Today the File Explorer is the client image of files from SharePoint Online. It contains the latest (newest) version of a document, and with Files on demand, thousands of files can be displayed without being physically located on the computer. The concept of sharing with other people inside or outside my organization is the first step to working together. And it works not only in Windows 10, but also on the Apple Mac.

3. Word

The classic word processing program was prepared with functionalities such as versioning and timely editing of documents.  Documents are still shared with others via email. Chaos with multiple versions is pre-programmed.

4. Excel

Ever edited an Excel with several people at the same time? I can see through different colors how employees work with me on an Excel spreadsheet and can save a lot of time. By the way, the smallest area that is locked for the other employees is a cell. Whoever clicks into the cell first is the winner.

5. Powerpoint

Just like Word and Excel, PowerPoint can shine with the possible simultaneous editing. The process is the same for all three programs. Call and save the program, i.e., in a SharePoint library or OneDrive for Business.  With the library others have immediate access, with OneDrive for Business I still have to share the document.

Programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which (can) also get new versions automatically, are also becoming increasingly intelligent, so that when a document is selected, name changes are also corrected automatically.

And if there is no Internet, the synchronized files can be edited offline.

OneDrive Integration: Browser, Teams, iOS and Android

Now the picture is complete. Here are shown more programs and operating systems:

  1. The Web Browser
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Apple iOS
  4. Android

1. The Web Browser

whichever browser you use, I have two different ones in use. To work with Microsoft 365 or Office 365 you only need the Web-Browser. And on which operating system it runs then, is almost irrelevant. Because here I can edit my emails, but also view and edit documents from SharePoint online libraries and even with Teams I can not only go to the next meeting, but also access documents from there.

2. Microsoft Teams

The program with the many possibilities that can significantly speed up the cooperation. Yes, and also included in it: OneDrive and the synchronization

3. Apple iOS

Whether iPhone or iPad, OneDrive is of course also supported for mobile devices from Apple.

4. Android

The second smartphone platform can of course also handle the different areas of SharePoint Online.

This concludes the overview. This list is of course not complete. With the OneDrive API and the OneDrive Connectors in PowerAutomate you can write your own solutions, which are based in different ways with SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and OneDrive Personal. Who thought that it is just another network (cloud) drive, should read the following articles.  In the next blog post we will continue in detail and start with Outlook.

And who has not yet done so, in the right bar you will find the option to subscribe to the blog. Then you will not miss another episode

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for those who want to read it in german language

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