OneDrive in the notification bar

New functions in the OneDrive app in the notification bar

Microsoft has made small changes to the settings of the synchronization client with OneDrive version 22.012.0116.0001, which is an Insider version. Changes to the GUI.

new GUI of the OneDrive APP in the notification bar
old version of the GUI of the OneDrive App in the nbotification bar

In the image above we can see the OneDrive app in version 22.012.0116.0001, which is hidden in the notification bar. The settings button (gear symbol) has moved from the bottom to the top, in the old place we can now reach the server-based recycle bin, which was not present in the old version and many users did not know how to get there.

On the top left we see a division, namely the icon and the tenant name, if we have a OneDrive Personal in front of us, then the word Personal. On the other hand, however, we also see how the status of the synchronization is. The entire width of the window is reserved here for the various messages.

If a file is deleted in Windows Explorer…

…the file goes to the Windows Recycle Bin. But only if the file has the status „Available locally on this device“ or „Always available on this device“. If the file had the status „Only available online“ before the deletion there is no file with content offline and the file is not moved to the Windows Recycle Bin.
At the same time, the delete command is transferred to the cloud. There the file is also deleted. Since the cloud is the leading system in OneDrive, the delete command is transmitted to all other connected devices. What has just been described then happens there.

Wird eine Datei im Browser gelöscht…

…the file is moved to the server-based recycle bin. At the same time the delete command is sent to all users and their devices. And then the above described happens. On every device.


When a file is restored from the Windows Recycle Bin, only the latest version is restored, and that is not what the user wants. Therefore the restore should „always“ be done via server based recycle bin. This is now done in two clicks. Previously it was four clicks on Windows 10 or seven on Windows 11. When restoring, the file is again done in the old place with all versions and on all devices where this file was synchronized, also synchronized again.

How long do files remain in the server-based recycle bin …

…it depends. In OneDrive Personal it is 30 days, in OneDrive for Business these files are automatically deleted from the trash after 93 days. In general, the following applies: When files are deleted, they are only moved. So if you delete a lot of files in OneDrive Personal for storage space reasons, you should subsequently also delete these files from the device’s recycle bin and the server-based recycle bin.

It will not be long before you also have this version, even outside the OneDrive Insider version, but then you can start to teach the users.


Many do not understand this concept. Why two recycle bins??

Well, actually there is an analogous comparison: As long as you throw paper in your office into the wastebasket under your desk, you can get it out again there. Only when the cleaning crew empties your trash in the evening, it becomes more difficult. This is because the cleaning crew throws all the paper waste into the container, and the pile of paper remains there until the recycling company picks up the container. Then it becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of a particular scrap of paper.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

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