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Office Dialog: Save and choose Collaborators

Notice the difference yet? Well, only if you already have Office Version 2006 (Build 12827.20000) or higher installed on your computer. Because while some people complain about the slow saving to a OneDrive library, Microsoft has thought ahead elsewhere


  • Create document
  • Save
  • Share

and now:

  • Create Document
  • Save and share

While three separate steps were necessary in the past, there are now two steps, because the last step was combined into one dialog. But only if…

we click the Save button or type CTRL-S on the keyboard AND
want to save the document in OneDrive for Business or OneDrive Personal.

Other storage locations such as document libraries in SharePoint Online do not (yet?) work.

Here the small picture gallery:

picture decsription
Office: New Save dialog

The document is written and I click on the disk symbol to save it.

alternatively CTRL+S

Now I can give the document a name. Or change the location.

But only OneDrive for Business or OneDrive Personal can be selected in this dialog.

I can also make a change in this dialogue. For example, switch from OneDrive for Business to OneDrive (Personal). But then only in the main directory. But I cannot select a folder. If a user has shared a complete directory with folders and files (shared with me), this folder will also appear. But also here the folders are not shown and cannot be selected. If you have access to another tenant in Office 365, you are facing the same problem. Although properly included, he is not even included.

picture description
New Save dialog: Choose collaborators Before I save now, I can select my colleagues with whom I want to share the file. These can be both internal and external users.
New Save dialog: Edit or View

I can also give these users some rights, namely edit or view only.

Then the last click. Save

The file is saved in the selected folder, the rights are assigned and …

new Save dialog in Office: Confirmation Link … we get a confirmation link in Outlook…
new Save dialog in Office: Confirmation Link … and a note in the office application

but that only works if your administrator allows certain things. If he doesn’t allow sharing with external users, the user will get an error message after saving:

picture description
New Office Dialog: An error has occurred.

only after I have clicked on the save button (CTRL+S) the document is saved, then the rights are entered And only then you can look…

oops. I am not allowed to share anything with any external user.

Link cannot be sent, because not allowed

In detail it looks like this…

Since we do several things at once in this dialog, you can save time.

Only after the name and location have been entered, Microsoft could read the rights.
Entering a user’s email address would then give you an immediate opportunity to tell me, hey, you are not allowed to enter an external user.

That would save me time. Again, Microsoft assumes here that all their customers have allowed external sharing. But we know that’s not the case.


Microsoft should still improve here. If I change from the default location, then the folder selection must be displayed. Why are not all OneDrive for Business folders available on the system displayed?

Of course, I can click on more storage options and end up in the same old location. But then the dialog box is gone too.

I don’t know how many client-server queries are necessary for the rights, but the tiresome topic of sharing with external users will occur more often. Not every user has contact with his IT department. And if he doesn’t know, then an error message will quickly become a boomerang, then I’ll do it in the usual way. First save and then share.

Source: Microsoft

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