Community Bot for OneDrive– the WebChat Version

WebChat Version of the  Community Bot for OneDrive

Apps in Microsoft Teams are blocked by the administration in most organizations. Even though Microsoft imposes strict rules on apps, some apps require access to Active Directory, for example. However, users are not aware of this and so administrators are left with only one option. Switch off. The user gets then nothing to see. But he can’t install anything either. Some of the developers of the now more than 1100 apps for teams have made a real effort and one or the other app would improve the way users work. Perhaps Microsoft should consider reversing the principle:

View the apps: Always
Installation by the user: Initiation by the user – must be approved by the admin of the organization.

Why am I writing about this? Well, the Community Bot for OneDrive is not used in many companies exactly for this reason.. Because the users don’t know, respectively don’t see it. In doing so, the bot would reduce the work of the administrators. The user could ask the Bot first. When it comes to OneDrive questions.

The Bot developers have continued after the release of the version. Minor bugs have been encountered. Bug fixing. But we also thought about being more responsive to user questions. Even if artificial intelligence is used to give the right answer to the question asked, we are working to improve the result. New things about OneDrive are brought into the knowledge base, no need to reinstall. The Teams issue described above needs to be solved by Microsoft, but we found a solution anyway and are happy to announce that the Community Bot for OneDrive is now available outside of Teams. This is now the WebChat version.

This means that the Community Bot for OneDrive is available in various programs:

The WebChat version does not need to be installed.
It runs in any browser, including smartphone versions.

Don’t forget to add the Community Bot for OneDrive WebChat page to your browser favorites.

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