Mr.OneDrive’s BOT – the fight with MarkDown

Mr.OneDrive's BOT

It is a somewhat larger project. My own bot. Mr. OneDrive’s BOT. And the last few days before Christmas, I really got to grips with the idea.

It all started in Vienna in the summer. At the SharePoint conference 2019, end of June. In a private feedback session of two MVP’s from Graz, Stephan Bisser, MVP for AI and Thomy Gölles, MVP for Office Development, I expressed my idea of ​​a bot. This was and is of course still a bit far away. And over the course of the year, Microsoft has released more and more for bot development. At the SharePoint Saturday on November 30th, 2019 in Munich these colleagues confronted me with the idea.

Mr.OneDrive’s bot.

Around Christmas I started to integrate my knowledge into the bot. Not all knowledge. Just my OneDrive knowledge. Which continues to be a major challenge with today’s resources that Microsoft provides. For my readers the short explanation: A bot is fed with possible questions and the resulting questions. OneDrive cannot be explained in one sentence, so the bot has to be given many answers. The interface: an Excel list. Correctly read. Column A the questions, Column B the answers. Please format nicely. With markdown. And this is exactly where the problem begins. I actually wanted to pass on knowledge. And do not deal with \\ r \\ n or [** text **] (link).

You can deal with it, but here I see the greatest challenge for Microsoft. The people who deliver content are not developers. And a simple editor that understands bulleted lists, bold, italics, pictures and links cannot be that difficult. Apparently, however. And these bots are just as boring. Reading becomes difficult if you don’t format. And the user loses focus and the desire to work with this interface.

Would you like an example?

this is how it will look (with formatting) [sorry, text is in German language]

MarkUp-with formatting

and if you leave out the formatting (without formatting)

Markup-without formatting

And here the original as I entered it. In Excel or in the Cognitive Services editor.
[Again, thats still german language]

# Hallo und herzlich **Willkommen**. \n\nDie ersten Artikel wurden von mir in Fachzeitschriften abgedruckt, aber das war im letzten Jahrtausend. Dann gab es starre Webseiten, die eigentlich schon nach der Veröffentlichung eines Artikels schon wieder veraltet waren. Und dann enstanden die [**Blogs**]( Einiges im Umgang mit Zusammenarbeits-Szenarien findet man dort.\\r\\nUnd weil vieles doch besser persönlich überbracht werden kann, tummle ich mich auf den verschiedensten Veranstaltungen, wo ich zum Thema OneDrive spreche. \\r\\nDenn das Schreiben (in schreibe oft in deutscher und englischer Sprache) ist mit viel Aufwand verbunden. Deshalb biete ich auch Workshops an. Für Firmen. Dauern einen ganzen Tag.\\r\\nAber jetzt kommt der nächste Schritt. Und mit **Mr.OneDrive’s Bot** klone ich mich selbst. Ich muss ab und an schlafen, der Bot nicht, Ich kann ausser deutsch und Englisch keine weitere Fremdsprache. Der Bot schon. Er antwortet auch in dieser Sprache. AI und die Microsoft Cloud machen es möglich.\\r\\nIch beschäftige mich seit langen Jahren mit Microsoft Technologie. Meine Lieblingsprogramme sind **Next Generation Sync Client**, **OneDrive for Business**, **OneDrive**, SkyDrive Pro, SkyDrive, SharePoint Workspace 2010 (ehemals Groove) SharePoint und Work Folders.\\r\\nMicrosoft hat mich seit 2013 bis heute in ununterbrochener Reihenfolge mit dem MVP Award [**ausgezeichnet**](

I’ve been dealing with this since Christmas. Yes, of course I was looking for MarkDown editors. But I don’t really want that. I want to write simple text and it only has to support the components that are used in the bot. WYSIWYG. Even the chat editor in Microsoft Teams can do more. And so I want to enter it. I write text, highlight a word, click on "F" or "B", which means bold, and then I get the word displayed.

Dear Microsoft, I don’t want to develop, I want to write. I want to deliver content. And format it so that the user does not lose interest in the first BOT response.

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