From „docs to „learn“

Changes at Microsoft. The documentation is moved
Changes at Microsoft. The documentation was moved

A few weeks ago Microsoft cleaned up. Because the documentation was changed from to When I want to make a reference in a blog post, I have „always“ followed the original Microsoft documentation. And right away, do I have to change all the links now? The answer is No. Microsoft has taken care to redirect the „docs“.

And last week came the second surprise. From became
How? I want OneDrive and I get SharePoint? Well, maybe you know it too. OneDrive is part of SharePoint. In the business version OneDrive is a part of SharePoint. The former MySite then became OneDrive. And if you look at your files from OneDrive for Business in the browser, you will see in the URL that the name „SharePoint“ is included.
This wouldn’t be a big deal if the automatic translations would also translate everything.
Type once: you will be redirected to so the English page, where you can see OneDrive is also included. If you want to see the German page, then replace the existing URL the string of „en-us“ in „de-de“ thus
This will also be displayed correctly. Wait, there is something missing. In the IT Experts section, there is not a single instance of the text „OneDrive“.

Hello Microsoft!
Can you do translations so that the content is translated correctly, and not omit parts?

[Addendum 10/17/22]
Microsoft has now corrected the webpages

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