OneDrive Wish List for 2023

My Wishlist for 2023 to the OneDrive Product group

If you have read my wish list for 2022, then you will find out, that not so many things have changed. Yes, I have a Teams call with 2 members of the Microsoft OneDrive Product Group , but most of entries are still alive. And here are 4 new entries for 2023:

Better response

I would like to see better feedback on questions from MVPs about OneDrive. I’m thinking of the old Distribution List, where multiple people with the appropriate background knowledge answer the open questions about current OneDrive issues or forward them to the relevant people. This works 100% for the PowerPoint people, where a quick exchange of issues and bugs are shared between the product group and the MVPs. Reporting via support ticket usually does not lead to success.


On many people curse about OneDrive Personal. You have a new PC, install Windows Home and in the image they click as usual, next, next …
And then they have installed KFM (Known Folder Move) with OneDrive Personal. You do not know when you said yes here. You can really demand an Explicites yes in the installation process. deselecting is not understandable for these people at all currently


Unfortunately, many OneDrive things are announced and then you need not wait some days, but weeks and months until they show up your tenant. This makes it difficult for the people who have to deal with change management. even my demo tenant does not show any changes yet.

Release Notes

Insiders get a new version almost every week, there were 32 releases in the production ring. But only 4 entries also showed actual changes and novelties. Why is there no description? Users and administrators already want to know what has changed.

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