OneDrive – 64 Bit final Version

OneDrive - 64 Bit finale Version
With version 21.062.0328.0001, the first PreView of the OneDrive sync engine was made available by Microsoft at the beginning of April 2021. So, from that point on, there was a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. However, the transition was gradual. I published an article about the 64 bit version. And in my one week break, Microsoft announced that the 64 bit version has now reached the final status.  Namely with the version 21.165.0815.0001. This is an Insider version. Since Microsoft no longer lists an Insider version on its update page, I have listed the current OneDrive versions here.

So it can still take a few days until the 64 bit final version is automatically installed for you. However, there is no indication about the time frame. By the way, final does not mean that this is the last version. Changes in the OneDrive engine are installed automatically. The OneDrive Insiders currently receive a newer version on a regular weekly basis. And this also happens in the productive environments, but far less frequently.


Microsoft has not yet made any statements about improvements. First, the complete 32 bit code had to be moved to the 64 bit version. Microsft has also been able to evaluate the telemetry data of the 64 bit version in the last five months. So if improvements have already been made in the code, Microsoft is (currently) (still) silent about it.

The limitations of the OneDrive Sync Engine have not (yet) been changed on the Microsoft support page. There are mainly two limitations to be listed here, which could benefit from the faster 64-bit variant:

Number of items that can be synched or copied.
here we have to remember the number 300000. This number is calculated over all the items you synchronize on your device. The calculation runs over all instances of OneDrive for Business , max 9 and if available over the 1 OneDrive Consumer (Personal). It also includes all SharePoint Online libraries and synchronized Shared with Me (Cross Tenant Synchronization)!

Check you’re not syncing too many files
here we need to remember the number 100000. This value means that you want to upload over 100000 files from your computer to OneDrive/OneDrive for Business/SharePoint library.
This is mostly at the beginning when you start to set up synchronization. The workaround is: don’t turn off your computer and let it run through, or break it up into smaller bites.


So whether the values are changed upwards, I can not judge. For me, it’s fine tuning and that’s why I sent a letter to the OneDrive product group yesterday with a possibility that could remedy the situation. Simply put, this is about reducing items to be synced.


Did You know?
The Community BOT for OneDrive The Community BOT for OneDrive
The Community Bot for OneDrive – available in the Teams Apps Store

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