OneDrive: new Symbols in Version 19.074.0416.0001

new OneDrive Icons

I can only smile about that. but many are happy about it. About the new icons and icons. And in the new insider version 19.074.0416.0001 (Office) of the Next Generation Sync Client (OneDrive.exe), the new Icon of the OneDrive also moves into the notification area of the Task Bar.

new OneDrive Icons

The old symbol has not disappeared everywhere yet. Also in the Insider Windows version 1903, the old symbol is still visible in various places. It is well known that taste can be disputed, but lacking functionality is not. And Microsoft would do well to keep up the good work and push the integration of SharePoint libraries into Windows Explorer (presentation level) and the associated intelligence in Office products.

I can not say anything about new functionality. As usual, nothing is said about the insider versions.

I do not know when the new icons will be integrated into the production ring for all other users

all OneDrive versions

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