OneDrive for Business | News and new version 17.3.6998.0830

02-Ignite_thumb1 latest Version des NGSC: 17.3.6998.0830

one week until the big IT conference At Orlando, Florida: Microsoft Ignite

Florida?, Yes we have heard about it. The hurricane Irma was coming and a lot of damage all over the land. You are going to Ignite? Like the other 26.000?

You won’t miss something.

OneDrive is finally growing up. And during Ignite Microsoft will announce one thing, many of you will have missed. And one Microsoft Manager has talked about that public.

The NGSC is ready for  IRM

The Next Generation Sync Client will get the new functionality to sync IRM protected document libraries. Yes, you know, the old groove client have had this function lo0ng long time ago. And that was the reason, that some companies will sync still with the old client to Office 365.

But we stay and wait for the official announcement. For all people, which are going  to Ignite, you will visit my to OneDrive sessions:

Ignite Session expected attendees
THR 3011
Upgrade your organization to the latest OneDrive sync client
THR 3021
Why Microsoft is updating the new OneDrive sync engine in a different way

and here some other news:


New View Mode for lists

The next days you will see a new View-Mode, it should rolled out completely until end of September. So you may have a web based view of lists (MC118075)


Support for # and % in SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Microsoft added support for # and % as supported characters in file and folder names across document libraries in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. They will begin rolling this feature out in October. This feature has been available for opt-in since earlier this year. They will begin turning this on-by-default to existing organizations, in October. The update will be completed by the end of March 2018. (MC118065)


Default link permission

Default link permission is a new Office 365 feature for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. You’ll begin seeing this feature in the coming days. Admins can default all sharing from the new sharing dialog to "view only" by default instead of edit (the current default). (MC117805)


New version of the Next Generation Sync Client

Noting new one. some people have noticed, some have send me an Email. And with the begin of the month September, there is a new version with the number: 17.3.6998.0830

Until today, no changes on the change log. It looks, that’s the normal monthly update. My change log is ready.

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