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INS Insider Ring
PRO Production Ring
DEF Deferred Ring

There are news for the production ring. Currently we have 23.112.0528.0001 in the Insider Ring and 23.101.0514.0001 in the Production Ring.


  • Changes have been made to how your Microsoft 365 storage is calculated and displayed. 
    Learn more.
  • New features gradually rolling out:
    • Updated Files On-Demand settings on Windows. We are updating the OneDrive sync app advanced settings for Files On-Demand for users who have the feature enabled. The behavior change occurs for users who have Files On-Demand enabled. 


  • Microsoft resolved product issues to improve the reliability and performance of the OneDrive sync app.
  • New features gradually rolling out:
    • Automatic updates using .pkg installer. We will now use the .pkg installer instead of the .zip one for automatic updates. This will address some remaining bugs with Files On-Demand on macOS and prevent users from seeing an alert about OneDrive notifications every time we update.

This page contains all versions since the last update.

[Update 6/1/23][Update 5/27/23] [Update 5/23/23] [Update 5/20/23]

Insider VersionProduktion Version
23.096.0507.0001 05/12
23.098.0509.0001 05/16
23.101.0514.0001 05/18
23.104.0516.0001 05/20
23.107.0521.0001 05/23
23.109.0523.0001 05/23
23.112.0528.0001 06/01
23.093.0502.0001 05/12
23.096.0507.0001 05/19
23.101.0514.0001 06/01

You can download all OneDrive versions here for testing.
The table includes Versions for

  • Windows 32 Bit
  • Windows 64 Bit
  • Windows ARM
  • Apple MAC Intel
  • Apple MAC Silicon

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